Purchased leave

Purchased leave


Purchased Leave

35.1 In this clause the following definitions apply:

(a) Period of Purchased Leave refers to a period of leave taken in accordance with subclauses 35.2 – 35.6 below;

(b) Purchased Leave Rate of Pay means the rate of pay a Staff Member receives when their Base Salary plus any salary loadings have been reduced to cover the cost of purchased leave. To calculate the Purchased Leave Rate of Pay, the Staff Member’s Base Salary plus any salary loadings will be reduced by the number of days of purchased leave and then annualised at a pro rata rate over a 12 month period.

35.2 All Staff who have continuing employment and Staff on a fixed term appointment greater than 12 months may purchase up to four weeks additional leave in a 12 month period. Additional leave may be purchased in one week increments up to the maximum of 4 weeks.

35.3 Purchased leave must be taken within a specified 12 month period, and will not attract annual leave loading. Staff will apply to take the additional purchased leave in the same way as annual leave and approval will be subject to the needs of the work unit. A request will not be unreasonably refused.

35.4 Purchased leave will count as Continuous Service for all purposes.

35.5 Purchased leave will be funded by a corresponding reduction in the Staff Member’s annual salary.

35.6 Purchased leave is subject to the following provisions:

(a) the Staff Member must have an annual leave balance of 4 weeks or less at the time of applying for purchased leave;

(b) an application for purchased leave must be approved by the Staff Member’s Supervisor;

(c) purchased leave cannot be accrued and forgone salary will be refunded where leave is not taken within the specified 12 month period;

(d) other paid leave taken during the specified 12 month period (e.g. personal leave, annual leave, long service leave, etc) will be paid at the Purchased Leave Rate of Pay;

(e) personal leave cannot be taken during a period of Purchased Leave;

(f) Purchased Leave Rate of Pay will be the salary rate applicable for all purposes including calculation of superannuation;

(g) Higher Duties Allowance will not paid during a period of purchased leave;

(h) on termination of employment the purchased leave balance will be reconciled and the final payment will be calculated on the ordinary Base Salary;

(i) at the conclusion of the specified 12 month period the Staff Member will revert to their Base Salary.

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