Incremental progression

39.1 On completion of each twelve months continuous service, continuing and fixed term Staff not on the maximum salary point for their classification level will automatically progress to the next salary step within the classification, unless:

(a) an adverse report under the University’s Performance Development and Review process is received by Human Resources prior to the Staff Member’s increment date; or

(b) the Staff Member is subject to review in accordance with clause 46, Unsatisfactory Performance, clause 47, Misconduct and Serious Misconduct or clause 48, Research Misconduct. A decision on the payment of a withheld increment will be made following the review.

Accelerated Progression

39. Where a Staff Member has consistently exceeded the required level of competency for normal incremental progression, the Executive Dean may approve accelerated progression to a step or a maximum of 2 steps higher than the next one within the Staff Member’s current salary classification.

39.3 Where the Staff Member is at the top of the incremental range for their salary classification and following the annual review of performance they have shown to be consistently exceeding the required level of competency then the Executive Dean may approve an additional payment in accordance with University policy.

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