Flexible work

Flexible work


Flexible Work

19.1 Staff Member may make a request to move to a flexible work arrangement if the Staff Member:

(a) has carer responsibilities;

(b) has a disability;

(c) is 55 or older;

(d) is experiencing domestic violence; or

(e) is supporting a family or household member who is experiencing domestic violence.

19.2 Staff who wish to access flexible work arrangements will make a written application to their Supervisor setting out the nature of flexibility required and the proposed period of time the arrangement will be in place.

19.3 The University may refuse an application for flexible work arrangements on reasonable business grounds. If the application is refused, the University must provide detailed reasons in writing to the Staff Member.

19.4 In addition to any other rights in this Agreement, if an application for a flexible work arrangement is refused the Staff Member may make a further application either where circumstances have changed or twelve months from the date of the initial application.

Home-based Work Arrangements

19.5 A Staff Member may request the University to permit the Staff Member to perform some or all of their duties from their home.

19.6 The University has discretion to:

(a) permit or not permit the Staff Member to perform some or all of their duties from their home; and

(b) impose any conditions on the Staff Member in relation to the performance of their duties from their home, from time to time, without being limited by any other provisions in this Agreement. The Staff Member must comply with any such conditions.

Conversion to Part-time Employment for a Fixed Period

19.7 A Staff Member may apply to temporarily convert from full-time to part-time employment. Written applications, at least three months prior to the proposed date of conversion, should include the following information:

(a) the fraction of the appointment proposed to be worked;

(b) the duration of the proposed conversion to part-time employment which will be no longer than 3 years;

(c) the reason for the application; and

(d) a recommendation from the Supervisor.

19.8 At the conclusion of the period of part-time employment, the Staff Member will resume their substantive full-time appointment.

19.9 While the University will consider applications for conversion to part-time employment for a fixed period, approval will be at the discretion of the University.

Job Sharing

19.10 Job sharing is a voluntary arrangement where two Staff, working part-time, share all the duties and responsibilities of a continuing or fixed term full-time position.

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