Family and domestic violence

Family and domestic violence


31.1 Family and Domestic Violence means violent, threatening or other abusive behaviour by a Family Member of a Staff Member that seeks to coerce or control the Staff Member and that causes them harm or to be fearful.

31.2 Examples of violent, threatening or other abusive behaviour include escalating levels of abuse and violence, intimidation, physical abuse, sexual assault, verbal abuse and/or threats, psychological abuse, threats to harm others, and/or causing harm to pets, threats to damage property or actually damaging property, financial deprivation and social isolation, coercive control in order to maintain control over the victim's behaviour, or to have them suffer emotional or physical torment and live in fear.

31.3 A Staff Member who is affected by Family and Domestic Violence may access up to twenty days of paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave (or pro-rata equivalent for part-time Staff) for the following reasons:

(a) attending medical appointments;

(b) organising alternative accommodation, care and/or education arrangements;

(c) attending court hearings and/or police appointments;

(d) accessing legal advice.

31.4 Casual Staff Members will be provided with up to 5 days of unpaid Family and Domestic Violence Leave.

31.5 Leave will be credited at the beginning of each year and does not accrue from year to year.  Any untaken leave is not paid out on termination of employment.

31.6 A Staff Member seeking to access leave as specified in subclauses 31.3 and 31.4 may be required to provide supporting documentation that would satisfy a reasonable person. Depending on the circumstances such evidence may include a document issued by the police service, a court or a family violence support service, or a statutory declaration.

31.7 The University will undertake a risk assessment in circumstances where a Staff Member who is affected by, or is concerned that they may be exposed to, Family or Domestic Violence, seeks support from the University. The risk assessment will be undertaken in order to determine the suitability of risk mitigation strategies in relation to the Staff Member's safety in the workplace and, if appropriate, that of their colleagues.

31.8 Where practicable, the University may approve a Staff Member's request for the following:

(a) changes to hours of work;

(b) relocation to suitable employment;

(c) temporary change to their work location;

(d) changes to University-provided contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses;

(e) other measures, if any, appropriate to the circumstances.

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