Commnity leave

Commnity leave


32.1 Community leave may be granted to Staff (excluding casuals) in accordance with University guidelines to enable them to perform a service to the community.

32.2 This leave applies only to activities that are:

(a) not regarded as duty;

(b) not covered by other forms of available leave.

32.3 The length of leave granted will vary depending upon the circumstances, in accordance with the conditions and eligibility outlined below. In each circumstance, the leave is to be limited to the minimum time necessary.

32.4 Community leave may be taken for:

(a) Living Organ Donation

For the duration of the Federal Government’s Living Organ Donors Scheme, the provisions of this subclause will apply. A Staff Member must notify their Supervisor as soon as possible of their intention to donate a kidney or partial liver and will provide supporting medical documentation from their medical practitioner.

Where a medical practitioner confirms a Staff Member is able to proceed with the donation surgery, the University will:

(i) regard the Staff Member as being on authorised absence from duty during the period required to undergo and recover from surgery for a period of up to 6 weeks; and

(ii) make payments equivalent to the difference between any payments received from the Federal Government (under the Federal Government’s Living Organ Donor Scheme) and the Staff Member’s Base Salary, for a period of up to 6 weeks.

(b) Jury Service

A Staff Member who is summoned as a prospective juror must notify their Supervisor as soon as possible of the date/s when they are required to attend for jury service.

(i) The Staff Member must provide proof of attendance, duration, and financial reimbursement received. Any amounts received for attendance (other than meal and/or travel allowances) are to be paid to the University.

(ii) Leave will be paid upon the University receiving proof of attendance and reimbursement of monies received.

(c) Attendance as a Witness

A Staff Member who is required to attend proceedings as a witness will be regarded as being on duty during their period of absence if:

(i) required as a Crown Witness. Fees received, other than out of pocket expenses, will be paid to the University;

(ii) required as a witness on behalf of the University or as a witness in proceedings relating to a University Award or Agreement. No fees will be paid.

Other than above, a Staff Member summoned or called as a witness is required to take annual leave or make alternative working arrangements.

(d) Volunteer Emergency Services

(i) The University will grant paid leave to a Staff Member to assist in emergency services and disaster relief, or related training, provided that the Staff Member is not required by the University for essential operations or emergency services.

(ii) The Staff Member is responsible for advising the University as soon as possible of call-in to emergency or disaster support.

(iii) The organisation where the Staff Member is volunteering must certify that the Staff Member was required for the specified period.

(e) Defence Force

Staff serving on a part-time basis in the Australian Reserve Forces are entitled to paid leave to attend Defence Forces training, in accordance with Federal Government Provisions. The period of leave granted is subject to Reserve Force documentary evidence provided by the Staff Member to the University.

Eligibility and entitlement for all staff (excluding casuals):

(i) up to 16 calendar days paid leave for annual training;

(ii) up to 16 calendar days paid leave for attendance at a school, class or course of instruction;

A further period of up to 4 days may be granted on request from the Commanding Officer of the Reserve Unit.

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