Abandonment of employment

Abandonment of employment


54.1 Where a Staff Member is absent from duty for a continuous period of 5 working days without advising their Supervisor or having approval from the University, or without apparent good cause, the Director, Human Resources or nominee will make reasonable attempts to contact the Staff Member requesting reasons for the unauthorised absence from duty. Correspondence sent to the Staff Member will detail the effect that not responding to the University’s request may have on their employment.

54.2 If the Staff Member or, if they so choose, their representative fails to respond to the University’s correspondence within 10 working days or the response fails to establish a reasonable cause for the absence then the University may terminate the Staff Member’s employment. Date of termination will be the last day the Staff Member was present at work. On termination, the University will provide notice in accordance with clause 53, Termination of Employment. The Staff Member will be paid leave owed at the date of termination.

54.3 A Staff Member will not be deemed to have abandoned employment where the University has withheld approval for leave. An unauthorised absence in this situation will be regarded as possible misconduct and handled in accordance with clause 47, Misconduct and Serious Misconduct.

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