2. Travel Allowance - All Staff

2. Travel Allowance - All Staff

(a) The following provisions apply when travelling on University business.

(b) Normal entitlement is economy class air travel or first class rail travel (plus sleeping berth if overnight travel).

(c) Travel and travel programs are to be approved in advance by the Head.

(d) One of the following methods may be used to meet expenses when travelling on University business:

(i) Payment of a per diem amount, as provided in the University's Per Diem policy; or

(ii) Reimbursement of actual costs up to travel allowance amount (documentation required); or

(iii) University credit card; or

(iv) Camping allowance, based on the Australian Taxation Office ruling.

(e) Allowance can be requested in advance (with acquittal within one month of return).

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