3.6.35 - 3.6.50 Casual Employment

3.6.35 - 3.6.50 Casual Employment

3.6.35 The parties to this Agreement recognise that casual employment may legitimately be used by the University to address fluctuations in the academic and business cycle of the University. Beyond this requirement for flexibility, the University does not intend to use casual employment to fill positions that could reasonably be filled on a continuing or fixed-term basis.

3.6.36 Casual employment should be on the basis of merit and be transparent, competitive and consistent with University policy.

Casual Rates of Pay

3.6.37 A Staff Member employed on a casual basis will be paid the applicable casual hourly salary rate provided for in Schedule 2 the hourly rate includes a loading of 25%. This loading is paid in compensation for the casual nature of the appointment and all forms of leave (excluding long service leave), redundancy and any other relevant entitlements.

3.6.38 A casual Staff Member will not have any expectation of continuing employment.

Casual Staff Professional Development

3.6.39 Each Faculty of the University will provide opportunities to casual Staff to assist with their professional and career development. The University will pay casual Staff Members to attend (including the equivalent of attendance for online professional development activities) approved professional development, at the appropriate hourly rate.

3.6.40 Access to these opportunities will be approved on the basis that the proposed development is directly relevant to nature of work being undertaken and/or the discipline or work area within which the Staff Member is employed. Preference will be given to casual Staff who do not otherwise have access to professional development opportunities.

3.6.41 Where the University requires a Staff Member to participate in compulsory training, payment for this attendance will be made at the appropriate hourly rate.

3.6.42 Casual Staff Members who undertake student evaluation of their teaching will be entitled to seek and receive feedback on their teaching at the Department level. This includes assistance with interpreting student feedback results and advice on appropriate professional development to address any concerns with their teaching practice and performance.

3.6.43 Each Faculty will conduct and make available to new casual Academic Staff an introduction session. The introduction session will clarify terms and conditions of employment and provide information on administrative provisions relevant to casual Academic Staff. Attendance at the introduction session will be paid.

3.6.44 Teaching and teaching-related duties will be consistent with the Activity Descriptors for Casual Academic Work set out at Schedule 3 of this Agreement.

3.6.45 Casual Staff will be eligible to apply for internally advertised University positions.

3.6.46 Within the first year of the commencement of this Agreement, the University will establish a voluntary register for individuals who wish to express an interest in opportunities for casual teaching and research assistant roles.

3.6.47 A casual Academic Staff Member may request, and be provided with, a statement of service from the University listing their academic activities

3.6.48 Casual Academic Staff will be invited to attend Department and Faculty meetings on the same basis as continuing and fixed-term Academic Staff.

3.6.49 Casual Academic Staff will, as appropriate and necessary, be provided with the following resources and facilities on the same basis as continuing and fixed-term Academic Staff:

(a) library cards;

(b) out-of-hours access;

(c)  email accounts;

(d)  network and intranet access;

(e)  inclusion in the University's telephone and web directory;

(f)  access to shared department printer/s;

(g) access to meeting space for consultation with students.

3.6.50 During the life of the Agreement, the University will establish and promote a mechanism for casual Academic Staff Members to access information relating to terms and conditions of their employment. On request, Human Resources will provide advice on the components of casual work, appropriate payments and entitlements.

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