3.6 - 3.6.19 Types of Employment

3.6 - 3.6.19 Types of Employment

3.6.1 A Staff Member will be employed in one or other of the types of employment prescribed in this clause.

Continuing Employment

3.6.2 Continuing employment means employment on a full or part-time basis with no specified end date or specified contingency that brings the contract to an end. All employment other than fixed-term or casual employment is continuing employment. Continuing employment is subject to termination by the resignation, retirement or death of a Staff Member; by abandonment of employment; by the position being declared redundant; or by the Staff Member's employment being otherwise terminated by the University in accordance with relevant provisions of this Agreement.

Full-time Employment

3.6.3 Full-time employment means 70 ordinary hours per fortnight. Full-time employment may be offered as a continuing or fixed-term appointment

Part-time Employment

3.6.4 Part-time employment means employment for less than the normal weekly ordinary hours specified for a full-time Staff Member in the same classification and for which all Agreement entitlements are paid on a pro rata basis calculated by reference to the fraction worked. Part-time employment may be offered to a Staff Member as a continuing or fixed-term appointment.

3.6.5 Where employment is to be part-time, the offer of employment made by the University will specify the fraction of ordinary hours of work for which employment is offered.

Casual Employment

3.6.6 Casual employment means employment of a Staff Member who is paid and engaged by the hour. Casual employment may be terminated at one hour's notice.

Job Sharing

3.6.7 Job sharing is a voluntary arrangement where two Staff, working part-time, share all the duties and responsibilities of a continuing or fixed-term full-time position.

Scholarly Teaching Fellows

3.6.8 This Agreement provides for the introduction of Scholarly Teaching Fellow appointments on a trial basis to predominantly perform teaching work that would otherwise have been undertaken by casual Staff Members. Scholarly Teaching Fellow positions will be established with the objective of replacing casual teaching work.

3.6.9 Scholarly Teaching Fellow means an Academic Staff Member who is principally engaged in teaching delivery and teaching-related duties.

3.6.10 During the life of this Agreement the University will establish and advertise a minimum of 24 full-time (or equivalent) continuing positions. From 2015, the positions will be advertised annually, with no less than 8 positions advertised by 30 June in each year.

3.6.11 Appointments to Scholarly Teaching Fellow positions will be subject to a competitive, merit-based selection process. Applications will be invited from people who have previously been employed for at least 1 session in an academic role on a casual or fixed-term basis at an Australian university within the last 5 years.

3.6.12 Scholarly Teaching Fellows will be:

(a)  appointed at Level A at an entry point relevant to their qualifications and experience;

(b)  subject to a probationary period in accordance with clause 3.5;

(c)  eligible for incremental progression in accordance with sub clause 5.1;

(d)  eligible for promotion in accordance with clause 5.4;  and

(e)  allocated up to 80% of teaching delivery and teaching-related duties.

3.6.13 Scholarly Teaching Fellows will receive regular feedback, training, career planning and mentoring through the normal University processes including Performance Development and Review.

3.6.14 A Staff Member, classified as a Scholarly Teaching Fellow, who has been successfully promoted to Level B and who has been performing at that level for at least 3 years will be eligible to apply to transition to a workload pattern consistent with clause 4.3.

3.6.15 If an application is received under sub clause 3.6.14, the University will convene a panel to assess the merit of the application and make a recommendation to the Executive Dean. The Executive Dean will consider the report and recommendation and make a final determination.

3.6.16 Notwithstanding the commitment of the University to trial the introduction of Scholarly Teaching Fellow appointments, the University will not be obliged to make further appointments after the nominal expiry date of this Agreement.

Fixed-term Employment

3.6.17 Fixed-term employment means:

(a)  employment for a specified term or ascertainable period, for which the instrument of appointment will specify the starting and finishing dates; or

(b)  employment in connection with a specific task or project, which will terminate upon the occurrence of a specified contingency related to the task or project not normally in excess of (3) three years.

3.6.18 Fixed-term contracts may be terminated by the University:

(a)  during a probationary period in accordance with clause 3.5 (Probation) of this Agreement; or

(b)  when, in accordance with Clause 4.8, Managing Change in the Workplace, it is identified that the Staff Member's position has become redundant because non-recurrent funding essential to the employment ceases or the work is no longer required to be undertaken; or

(c)  for cause based on unsatisfactory performance in which case the University will pay the Staff Member four months salary; or

(d)  for cause based on serious misconduct; or

(e)  by abandonment of employment.

3.6.19 For the purpose of this clause, breaks between fixed-term appointments of up to three months in total in any 12 month period will not constitute breaks in Continuous Service.

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