2.7 Employment Equity and Diversity

2.7 Employment Equity and Diversity

2.7.1 The University recognises its obligations under relevant legislation not to unlawfully discriminate and will work to prevent and eliminate any such discrimination.

2.7.2 Nothing in this clause will limit the right of a Staff Member or the University to pursue a matter of discrimination in any State or Federal jurisdiction, including any application to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board or the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Pay Equity

2.7.3 The University will continue to monitor pay equity within the University and will develop and implement appropriate strategies to identify and remedy pay inequity.

Employment Equity

2.7.4 The University will (with input from Staff from designated equity groups) develop, review and maintain policies and practices that aim to prevent and redress inequities for Staff from designated equity groups.

2.7.5 Selection and promotion criteria will be developed that value and recognise the skills and experiences of staff from designated equity groups.

2.7.6 The University will monitor selection and promotion committee outcomes and ensure that committee members are aware of and apply criteria equitably.

2.7.7 The University will identify opportunities for and barriers to career advancement for staff from designated equity groups. It will develop, implement and report on equity and diversity strategies designed to redress disadvantage in employment.

2.7.8 The University recognises that Staff with disabilities are significantly underrepresented and as part of its wider participation agenda is committed to the development and implementation of a disability employment strategy.

2.7.9 The University will make Reasonable Adjustments for Staff with disabilities to enable them to perform their duties and participate fully in the University community.

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