Governance, strategy and planning

We all can play a part in delivering Macquarie's strategy no matter what we do. Risks are managed more effectively when everyone understands their purpose, the governance that applies to the way we conduct ourselves and the policies that guide our actions. Our strategic initiatives provide impetus for a culture change, focusing our efforts on what’s important as we engage with the world and our students.

  • Risk and assurance

    Risk and Assurance supports effective decision making across the University by ensuring any decisions made by staff are aligned to the agreed risk appetite.

  • Policies and procedures

    Policy Central is the single source for all approved University policy documents.

  • Code of conduct

    At Macquarie University, our values determine how we behave toward our students, our staff and our community.

  • Enterprise Agreements

    Enterprise Agreements cover a broad range of matters relating to your employment.

  • Glossary

    This glossary defines academic and business terms used throughout the University.

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