Safety at work

Macquarie University has no appetite to expose any person interacting with the University to harm. As a result, we have a rigorous and integrated approach to supporting the University, its personnel and partners to achieve, whilst protecting all those involved and the environment from harm.

As part of the safety management system, the University recognises and offers specialised guidance and support.

Acknowledging that our people can be globally based, we hold to the NSW Acts as a founding requirement to ensure safe operations for our people and those connected to us.

Roles and responsibilities

Work Health and Safety Act NSW 2011 defines the following roles as


  • conducting a business or undertaking/ employers (PCBU) businesses etc (including government agencies), sole traders, partnerships
  • must be a legal entity


  • highest level decision makers affecting the PCBU and all of its activities


  • Anyone who performs work for a PCBU.

Others (in the workplace)

  • eg. visitors, volunteers, partners, public, customers, students, patients.

This is applied to the University as outlined in the table below:

Council and Executives as Officers under the Act
  • monitor and exercise due diligence to ensure the University performs against the requirements of the Act
  • make or participate in positively support safety across all activities of the University.
Health and safety representatives
  • representing workers from their work group on health and safety matters
  • assisting in the investigation of health and safety-related issues
  • assisting in risk management activities
  • health and safety promotion.
Health and safety committees
  • facilitate co-operation between the University and workers to implement measures to secure the health and safety of workers and others
  • assisting in developing health and safety standards, rules and procedures that will be followed or complied with at the workplace.
Health and safety team
  • co-ordinating heath and safety management across the University
  • developing health and safety systems, processes and programs
  • Setting objectives for health and safety management
  • technical support and advice on risk management, incident management and corrective action.

To access the draft University Health and Safety policy please visit the Health and Safety Wiki page.

Consultations and committees

Consultation about health and safety matters is a central requirement of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011. At Macquarie we conducted consultations when:

  • analysing safety risk in activities
  • proposing changes to operations that may affect the health and safety of the Macquarie community, contractors and the broader public
  • decisions about any health and safety procedures
  • the adequacy of facilities for the welfare of Macquarie community, contractors and members of the public.


Central forums for consultation are the health and safety committees within the University. There are three tiers across the University group.

Health and Safety Committee Structure


Training is essential in providing you with the skills and knowledge to act safely. The University offers:

For additional information, contact us at

Raising concerns

If you have a concern, lodge it with ROAR, the University’s Online Active Reporting system. Alternatively check out incidents and threats for more information.

  • Health and safety induction

    We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all the employees undertaking work for the University.

  • Emergencies

    Emergencies are situations where there is an immediate threat to the safety of people and property that require immediate attention.

  • First aid

    You can find first aid support and supplies at first aid centres, in first aid kits, or from staff who have had first aid training.

  • Managing safety risk

    We take a structured approach to assessing any safety risks that may impact a person's health and wellbeing.

  • Concerning and threatening behaviour

    We take the wellbeing of staff very seriously. Should you feel concerned or threatened at any time there are a number of ways you can report this.

  • Training

    Training for staff in health and safety is an essential part of identifying and managing safety issues. Health and safety training is provided to all staff at a general level through inductions and foundation packs.

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