Training is an essential part of building competence in identifying and managing safety issues.

Health and Safety (H&S) training is provided to all staff at a general level through inductions and foundation packs. Additional programs are made available to staff whose roles or tasks require specific skills or competencies and you maybe required to complete these prior to your commencement.

Working in a laboratory

Main areasSpecific area

Lab essentials

  • Compulsory course for all individuals working in any university laboratory
  • Online component followed by a face to face session

This course is under development.

Bio Safety
  • Currently offered as an online recording available from iLearn
  • Compulsory when research or teaching involves the use of geneticall modified organisms, clinical samples, risk group 2 microorganisms or the use of a containment facility

This online module is currently being reviewed.

  • Offered as face to face training with the Radiation Safety Officer
  • Mandatory for any work which involves ionising radiation
  • Offered as face to face training with the Laser Safety Officer
  • Mandatory for any work which involves the use of lasers
ChemicalOnline training module, please visit the Health and Safety Wiki for further information


Main areasSpecific areas

General H&S induction for staff

HDR supervisor / Manager training

In the fieldWorking alone

Non Laboratory Training

Main Areas

Specific Area




PID – (Public Interest Disclosure)




Manual handling


Committee Chair, Health and Safety


General Health and Safety Committee


Health and Safety Representative (HSR)

For more information please visit Health & Safety Wiki Page

Specific Task Training

Academics supervising HDRs (Higher Degree Research )


Wardens- ECO ( Emergency Control Organisation)


Building wardens


Active Shooter


Contractor Management


Events Management


First Aid


Safety Risk Assessment


Conducting workplace Inspections

First aid courses

To attend a course please complete the Health and Safety Training Course application form (word) and submit by email to

First aid

Courses for 2020

  • 12 February
  • 18 March (CPR only)
  • 21 April
  • 8 July
  • 22 September
  • 21 October (CPR only)
  • 10 November

Please send the above completed application form to to register for a course.

Mental Health First aid

Courses for 2019 (2 day course)

  • 28 November and 5 December

Courses for 2020 (2 day course)

  • 4 February and 11 February

Course enrolments can be done via ELMO

Select 'Mental Health First Aid' from the course catalogue

Contact for further information

Advanced resuscitation

Courses for 2020

  • 18 February

Contact for further information

Remote First Aid training

Courses for 2020

  • 13 and 14 May
  • 7 and 8 October

Please send the above completed application form to to register for a course.

Need more information?

Health and safety training maybe undertaken at anytime while at Macquarie as either a student or staff member for full course offerings please click here.

For your specific needs you can contact us by email or ROAR.

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