Returning to work

Returning to work

Welcome back to work. There’s a few things we need to sort out for you to make your return seamless and accommodate any changes in your work environment that might be required for your work space.

Plan for your Return

If you are unable to undertake your normal duties following an injury, you may require a Recover at Work Plan. The planning for your return will commence post injury, consistent with the staff member’s medical capacity and is managed by the University Return to Work Coordinator.

What does a Return to Work Coordinator do?

  • They are the main point of contact for the you and provide information, where required relating to the recover at work process.
  • They will determine your needs in consultation with you, your doctor, supervisor and insurer.
  • They will identify reasonably practicable transitional or suitable duties in consultation with you, your supervisor, so that a recover at work plan can be developed.
  • They will support, coordinate and monitoring your progress in treatment, rehabilitation services and recover at work plans to assist minimise the effects of the injury or illness.

Changes in the workplace or your role that you require?

Do you require changes in your work environment to allow you to function in your previous role?

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We welcome you back.

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