Something is not quite right?

Something is not quite right?

Situations present themselves that may not look or feel right. You may not be sure what to do. The Group Risk team is here to guide and support Macquarie University staff, students and volunteers through the ambiguity of a situation that isn’t quite right.

Macquarie University is committed to high standards of ethical and accountable conduct. We recognise the value and importance of contributions made by staff, students and volunteers to promote an ethical, accountable culture and maintain the integrity of academic, administrative and management practices.

All reasonable and necessary steps will be taken to provide the necessary care and attention to staff, students and volunteers who raise concerns.

When to report something

Trust your eyes and your instincts.

Risks come in all shapes and sizes from potential slip and trip hazards to moral dilemmas. If you see something that you think could be unsafe, potentially hazardous, ethically suspect, or possibly illegal, you have a responsibility to advise the Group Risk team.

When you contact the Group Risk team we will take all steps to:

  • ensure your privacy and integrity is maintained
  • protect the reputation and integrity of the university
  • investigate or refer the matter to the appropriate area for responding
  • take reasonable steps to resolve the matter and where necessary, ensure that it does not happen again.

Remember: If something seems odd and doesn’t look or feel right, talk to us so that we can address your concerns.

You can either email our Operational Risk Coordinator at or lodge a ROAR.

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