Managing safety risk

Managing safety risk

What is a safety risk? We define it as a situation or event where a person's health and wellbeing may be impacted. At Macquarie we succeed when we achieve our goals of being innovative and working safely, to ensure we protect people, the environment and the future. Macquarie takes a structured approach to assessing safety risk.

How do we keep you safe?

Analyse your safety risk by:

Individual health needs

  • Staff and students are encouraged to advise their Supervisor as soon as possible when they identify any medical condition that may be adversely impacted by work/study, environment or activities
  • The affected individual should discuss their work environment and duties with their doctor, such as the use of a specific chemical (safety data sheet information).
  • The Supervisor will then work with the affected individual to address any recommendations advised by their doctor
  • Note, there is a Macquarie University Medical Service GP Clinic onsite for confidential advise and support
  • For further information please visit the Individual health needs webpage.

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