Health and safety induction

Health and safety induction

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all University employees. 

For this reason, your understanding of how the University works together with you to keep you safe is a priority. Your health and safety induction modules are the start of this process.

Should your role involve the management or handling of high risk materials or goods, specific training modules will be provided to you.

Health and Safety training (induction) maybe undertaken at any time while at Macquarie as either a student or staff member.  Your initial orientation training is completed via the Human Resources. For your additional induction requirements please see below.

Induction for staff with an MQ number

Once you have received your MQ number you will be able to login and complete the modules specifically allocated to you.

Start induction for staff with an MQ number.

Induction for contractors and staff without MQ numbers

All contractors are required to complete health and safety induction. If you are contracted to work for the University Property department, you must complete your induction before you commence working onsite. You will be required to provide a copy of your certificate to your Property contact before beginning of the works. Contractors and staff who haven’t yet been issued with an MQ number can use the generic username and password set below.

Start induction for contractors and staff without MQ numbers

Username: macquarie

Password: contractor

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