Working rights and visas

Working rights and visas

Working at Macquarie University requires the right to work in Australia. Learn about your visa options and obligations.

Staff who are not Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents must have an Australian visa with work rights. Macquarie University regularly checks that its employees have the right to work via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). As a visa holder you can also use VEVO to check your current visa details and conditions.

Visa options

For eligible staff the University may be able to assist with sponsorship arrangements for the appropriate visa. The appropriate visa for you will depend on the activities you will perform, your employment arrangements and the length of your appointment. 

There are generally two options for employer sponsored visas: a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) and a Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186).

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa

Where appropriate, Macquarie University will sponsor staff for a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457). This visa allows skilled workers to come to Australia and work for an approved business for up to four years.


457 visas may include work rights for accompanying family members, enable dependent children to attend school and offer a range of options in terms of period of stay.

This visa requires that you have health insurance for yourself (and your family) at the time of lodging the visa application and maintain it for the duration of your visa (unless you are covered by Medicare through a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement). As a Macquarie staff member you are eligible for a nine per cent discount on MediBank Corporate Health cover.

Depending on which passport you hold and your base salary, you may also be required to provide evidence of English language proficiency.

You will be required to pay a visa application fee. You can estimate the cost of the visa using the calculator on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. There may also be costs in relation to health checks, English language testing and obtaining police certificates.

Changes in your circumstances

If you cease your employment or if your employment ends, you will need to either find another employer to sponsor you, be granted a different visa or to depart Australia. You must do this within 60 days (or 90 days if your visa was granted before 19 November 2016) or before your 457 visa expires, whichever is the earliest.

Please advise your HR Client Team of any change in your visa status or type, and circumstances including:

  • obtaining Australian permanent residency or citizenship
  • a change in your personal circumstances
  • a change to your position
  • resignation from Macquarie University.

Further information on this visa is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) is a permanent residence visa and part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program. It lets you and any member of your family unit who has also been granted this visa:

  • stay in Australia indefinitely
  • work and study in Australia
  • enrol in Medicare, Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible)
  • sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • travel to and from Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted (after that time, you will need a resident return visa or another visa to return to Australia).

The University is not obliged to sponsor visa holders for permanent residency, however, we may consider requests on an individual basis. This visa is primarily used for international skilled overseas workers who are either offered continuing or longer term fixed term employment by the University.

Further information on this visa is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. For further information and to discuss if you meet the eligibility criteria for this visa please contact your HR client team or our in-house immigration consultant.

Need more help?

Karen Geldard, our in-house immigration consultant, is on hand to provide advice and support on immigration matters including visa options, eligibility, application processes, costs and requirements. Contact Karen by phone on +61 (2) 9850 9744 or at

For information on Australian visa options for workers visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

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