Balance work and life with a range of paid and unpaid leave arrangements.

Applying for leave

You can apply for most forms of leave via HR Online. However, for some forms of leave you will need to complete and submit an application form.

Apply online for ...

Apply via HR Online for:

  • annual leave (including taking purchase leave)
  • long service leave (full pay)
  • personal leave
  • community leave
  • leave without pay
  • education leave (exam and graduation leave).

To purchase additional leave, submit a request via askMQ.

View the HR Online User Guide (PDF) for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for leave, check and project leave balances, delete pending (unapproved) leave requests and reverse (cancel) an approved leave request.

Submit an application form for ...

  • Cashing out of annual leave – academic staff Word PDF
  • Cashing out of annual leave – professional staff Word PDF
  • Long service leave at half pay Word PDF
  • Parental and partner's leave Word PDF
  • Religious, cultural & ceremonial leave Word PDF
  • Study leave Word PDF

Leave options

Annual leave

Full-time staff members are entitled to 140 hours (four weeks) of annual leave per calendar year. Part-time staff will accrue annual leave on a proportionate basis. On termination of employment, any outstanding annual leave balance will be paid out.

Eligible staff may apply to cash out an amount of their annual leave. Refer to the Annual leave policy for further information on cashing out annual leave.

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Purchased annual leave

All academic and professional staff employed on a continuing basis or on fixed-term contracts greater than 12 months may purchase additional leave in a 12-month period, funded by a reduction in salary. 

Purchased leave must be taken within the specified 12-month period and will not attract annual leave loading. Any remaining purchased leave accrued at the end of the 12-month period will be refunded to the staff member.

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Long service leave

The purpose of long service leave is to recognise a staff member’s length of continuous service at the University. 

A full-time staff member will become eligible for long service leave after 10 years full-time continuous service. Part-time staff members will accrue long service leave on a proportionate basis of the full-time continuous service entitlement. Casual staff who have completed ten years’ continuous service with Macquarie University will be eligible for long service leave.

Staff who have previously worked for another Australian university may be eligible to have their prior service recognised for the purpose of determining long service leave eligibility. To check if you are eligible contact your Payroll Advisor.

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Personal leave

All continuing and fixed-term staff are entitled to personal leave. Personal leave is separated into two categories:

  • sick leave (including illness, injury and incapacity of a staff member; and may include domestic violence situations)
  • other personal leave (including care of a family member, compassionate grounds/bereavement, moving to a new residence or community volunteering).

On commencement with the University, full-time staff will be credited with ten weeks of personal leave (seven weeks of sick leave and three weeks of personal leave) and will accrue an additional three weeks of personal leave per year, up to a maximum of 52 weeks. Part-time staff will be credited with a proportionate basis of the full-time entitlement.

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Parental leave and partner’s leave

The University provides parental leave to eligible staff in respect of the birth of a child to them or their partner, or the placement of a child with a view to adoption, or foster parenting arrangements. The eligibility and entitlement to parental leave is prescribed by the relevant Enterprise Agreement. 

A staff member who wishes to access parental or partner's leave is required to submit the Parental Leave form and provide written notification and supporting documentation indicating the anticipated date of birth, or evidence of the date on which a new child will be taken into care for adoption. Send the approved form to your payroll advisor.

Parental leave

On commencement with the University, full-time staff members who are the primary carer will be eligible for 14 weeks of paid parental leave. Full time staff members who have completed more than one year of continuous service will be entitled to an additional 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Part-time staff will be entitled to paid parental leave on a proportional basis of the full-time entitlement. Eligible long-term casual staff members will be entitled to paid parental leave on a proportionate basis of the full-time arrangement.

Partner’s leave

A full-time, fixed-term or continuing staff member whose partner is pregnant will be eligible for a maximum of four weeks paid partner’s leave at the time of the birth or adoption of the child. The staff member will also be eligible for an additional four weeks of unpaid partner’s leave. Part-time staff members will be entitled to paid partner’s leave on a proportional basis.

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Religious, cultural and ceremonial leave

All fixed-term and continuing staff are eligible to apply for an applicable form of leave (annual leave, flexible work arrangement, leave without pay) for observance of holy days or attendance at religious, cultural or ceremonial duties associated with the staff member’s faith or culture.

Indigenous staff are entitled to up to five days' paid leave and ten days' leave without pay per year to fulfil ceremonial obligations, and one day per year to participate in National Day celebrations.

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Community leave

All continuing and fixed-term staff may be eligible to access community leave to enable them to perform a service to the community. Community leave may be taken for living organ donation schemes, jury service, attendance as a witness, volunteer emergency services and defence force leave.

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Education leave

Graduation ceremony leave

All continuing and fixed-term staff undertaking an approved course of study will be entitled to one half-day of paid leave to attend their graduation ceremony within the Sydney metropolitan area and one day of paid leave to attend their graduation ceremony outside of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Study time

Continuing and fixed-term professional staff may be eligible for study time. Eligibility will be based on the relevance of the course of study to the staff member’s current or potential employment with Macquarie University.

Examination leave

Continuing and fixed-term professional staff undertaking an approved course of study will be allowed up to ten days paid examination leave in any one academic year. Leave will be granted on the basis of two days leave for each subject in which the staff member has a formal examination.

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Need more help?

For general leave enquiries contact your HR representative. Contact your payroll advisor for help with your leave balances, accruals and payments.

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