Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme

Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme

Expression of interest for staff in the Faculty of Human Sciences

The Macquarie University Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme (VERS) applies to all Academic Staff who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Appointed by the University on a continuing basis at Level B, C, D or E under the Macquarie University Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement 2018;
  • Have at least three (3) years of continuous service with the University;
  • Are aged 50 years and over at the commencement of the Scheme (14 November 2018), and will retire prior to turning 65 years of age;
  • Do not hold any type of external research grant (including ARC, NHMRC, Future Fellow, DECRA);
  • Are not staff members in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences or the Department of Chiropractic;
  • Have not been promoted in the two (2) years prior to 2019;
  • Have not been formally recognised for teaching excellence in the last three (3) years through either:
    • the receipt of a national citation; or
    • a competitive external teaching award or grant; or
    • the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; or
    • a University Learning and Teaching Grant.
  • Have not been assessed as research productive against University and/or Faculty criteria;
  • Have not formally advised the University of their resignation or retirement, or accepted a pre-retirement contract;
  • Do not have any formal arrangement with the University that will result in the termination of their employment on a specified date;
  • Are not members of the University Executive or staff members who are appointed to a senior leadership position, including an Executive Dean, Associate Dean, Head of Department, Dean of a School, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Vice Chancellor;
  • Have not been awarded the title of Macquarie University Distinguished Professor.

Staff members who have an active workers compensation claim where there is payment for loss of income or are subject to processes related to allegation of misconduct or serious misconduct are excluded from this Scheme.

For more information about the Scheme, click here.

VERS Estimate Calculator

The Self-Service Estimate Calculator allows you to generate an estimate of the payment you may be eligible for under the Scheme. It is important to note however that these calculations are indicative only and should be used as a guide in making a decision and not be treated as a confirmed statement of a final pay-out figure.

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