Workshops and resources

Workshops and resources

Skill up and improve your knowledge with a range of workshops and online courses.

  • Teaching

    The Learning Innovation Hub offers a range of learning opportunities to cater for colleagues who are new to teaching as well as experienced academics.

  • Research

    The Research Office supports researchers apply for fellowship and grant opportunities with a wide range of workshops, seminars and online resources.


    Access top-quality video courses taught by recognised industry experts on topics including Microsoft Office suite, project management, and communication.

On campus workshops

Register to attend a workshop on campus via HR Online. All workshops, unless otherwise stated, are held in the Human Resources Manly Training Room, Level 4, C5C Building and start at 9.30am sharp.

To cancel your registration, email the course name and date to Three days’ notice prior to the course date is required.


2 February 2017 Managing projects 1 day
9 February 2017 Managing conflict 1 day
28 February 2017 Lean thinking at Macquarie half day


1 March 2017 Writing with clarity  
2 March 2017 Having coaching conversations (for managers) 1 day
16 March 2017 Influencing key stakeholders 1 day
30 March 2017 Managing projects 1 day


12 April 2017 Minute-taking 1 day


2 May 2017 Lean thinking at MQ half day
4 May 2017 Writing to persuade 1 day
1 May 2017 Influencing key stakeholders 1 day


14 June 2017 Resilience through times of change half day
28 June 2017 Building your emotional resilience – Part 2 half day

Workshop overviews

Writing to persuade

  • Learn how to present options concisely and in a balanced way.
  • Understand how to decide what to put in and what to leave out.
  • Learn two basic structures for presenting a case and develop the skills needed to be more efficient in your writing.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 4 May

Foundations of media engagement

Presented by Richard Morecroft for Media Management, this media skills group seminar is intended to provide an introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary for positive interaction with various forms of the media. It is targeted towards those who may have had little or no media interaction and no previous formal media training, but whose research or other university activities may provide good opportunities for media exposure.

  • Understand the requirements and motivations of journalists (in broadcast, print and online).
  • Recognise the difference between being an expert and having the skills to communicate that expertise in a media context.
  • Improve physical communication skills – voice and body language – and overcome self-consciousness.
  • Learn how to establish and maintain a clear agenda during an interview.
  • Handle controversy or aggressive interviewing techniques.

Duration: half day    Course dates: TBC

Minute taking   


  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of minute takers for all levels of committee at the University.
  • Identify what to include and omit from your minutes.
  • Save time in preparing minutes.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 12 April

Lean thinking at MQ

  • Interactive workshop to identify key concepts of Lean.  
  • Become familiar with the lean principles.    
  • Workshop will provide an overview of how Lean is used at Macquarie University.  

Duration: half day    Course dates: 16 March, 11 May

Managing projects

  • Develop the skills needed to initiate and plan a project effectively.
  • Understand approaches to managing stakeholders on your projects.
  • Develop methods to manage project team members to deliver set objectives.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 2 February, 30 March

Influencing key stakeholders

  • Identify key stakeholders and their motivators. 
  • Develop realistic and achievable influence objectives.
  • Present facts, ideas, and concerns in a persuasive manner.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 16 March, 11 May

Managing conflict

  • Identify the common causes of conflict.
  • Apply strategies to constructively address conflict. 
  • Develop the necessary communication skills to turn conflict into an opportunity for positive change and development.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 9 February

Building your emotional resilience – part 2

  • Understand a practical, evidence-based model of positive well-being.
  • Explore the essential elements of building emotional resilience and the positive effects this can have on a number of areas of your life. 
  • Understand the theory of signature strengths and how these are used in everyday life to improve wellbeing.
  • Explore and challenge your current state of thinking to start to bridge the gap between what you know you should be doing to boost your resilience and what you are actually doing.

Duration: half day   Course dates: 12 April

Resilience through times of change

  • Examine the concept of personal control in times of change and how to focus your energy to be more "proactive" rather than "re-active".
  • Learn the psychological re-orientation process that occurs in response to change.

Duration: half day   Course dates: 14 June

Mental health awareness

  • Understand what mental health is.
  • Know the behavioural indicators.
  • How to work with someone with a mental illness.
  • The role of the manager/academic supervisor.
  • Resources.

Duration: 2 hours    Course dates: TBC

Having coaching conversations (for managers)

  • Improve your effectiveness having coaching and developmental discussions.
  • Understand the value and importance of having proactive coaching/developmental discussions.
  • Understand and practice a model for having coaching/developmental discussions.
  • Gain skills and confidence in handling challenging coaching/developmental discussions.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: 2 March

Making informed hiring decisions (for managers)

  • Improve your effectiveness in conducting behavioural interviews and making hiring decisions.
  • Plan your selection process to target relevant criteria.
  • Prepare for and conducting behavioural interviews.
  • Evaluate and rate responses to interview questions.
  • Make more balanced, objective and informed recruitment decisions.

Duration: half day    Course dates: TBC

Giving performance feedback (for managers)

  • Improve your effectiveness in giving constructive feedback.
  • Understand the importance and value of giving constructive feedback.
  • Understand and practice a model for giving constructive feedback.
  • Understand how to deal with different responses and emotional reactions to feedback.

Duration: 1 day    Course dates: TBC

Microsoft Office

Attend courses on Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint at no charge to your faculty or office. Courses are available via New Horizons to all fixed-term and continuing staff. Please discuss your preferred course with your manager and register via the Training Schedule.

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