Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Fees and costs

Tuition fee payments are made directly to the relevant faculty of study. Scholarship recipients must meet all compulsory student fees and the costs of any books, technology, field trips or materials required to complete the course.

Minimum progress

Scholarship recipients need to commence study in the same year the scholarship is awarded, and to complete their study within the required timeframe for their post graduate program.

Scholarship holders must meet at least the minimum progress rules for the course of study to continue the scholarship. You will be required to pass each unit undertaken in order to maintain your scholarships (except in exceptional circumstances).

Discuss with your manager how you will balance your study and work commitments. You may also choose to apply for education leave for study that is directly relevant to your work.


You can request approval to defer commencement or completion of your studies. Your request will be considered based on work and/or personal challenges and will firstly. Only one approved deferment will be permitted for the duration of the program.

To defer, submit a written request to your manager. Your request should:

  • Demonstrate pre-approval from Macquarie Business School or relevant faculty of study to defer
  • Explain your reasons for deferment
  • Outline your time frame for completing your studies

After receiving your manager’s approval, email your written request develop@mq.edu.au for final approval by the Organisation Development Unit and Director, Human Resources.

End of program report

Within 6 months of the end of the course or program, you are required to complete a report that describes:

  1. how the program has assisted you in meeting your objectives as stated in your application
  2. how you are applying the skills and knowledge in your work
  3. how you have specifically applied 1 or more of the modules studied to benefit a project, your workplace or the University
  4. others ways in which your participation in the program has been of benefit to the University

Forward this report to your Head of Office/ Department/ Faculty, and to the Manager, Organisation Development.

Leaving employment

Your scholarship will cease if you leave employment with Macquarie University. If you choose to continue the rest of your studies you will need to make alternative payment arrangements directly with the University/MQBS for the remainder of your program. If you leave the University, please notify Organisation Development and the relevant Faculty of study or MQBS course manager.

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