Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Accessing grant funding

If you are successful, your grant funds will be paid into a Macquarie University Account to allow pre-booking and where necessary, access to fare discounts.

Funds will be transferred to the department shortly after approval by the Scholarship Committee. Your Faculty or Office, in accordance with the University's Financial Management Policies and Practices, will administer these accounts.

Allowed expenses

Development grant funds can be spent on:

  • the development activity itself (e.g. conference/program fees)
  • return economy travel costs for travel related to the development activities;
  • reimbursement of actual costs up to the travel allowance as in Schedule 3 of the Enterprise Agreement, supported by a diary or original receipts; or
  • use of a University credit card, subject to the conditions for its use; or
  • payment of a camping allowance as in Schedule 3 of the Enterprise Agreement.

All interstate or overseas travel must be booked via Campus Travel or STA on MQ campus. You must keep evidence of expenses and a travel diary for taxation purposes. The diary must show the date of the entry and document the nature, place, start date and the length of the activity. These funds must be paid for by 30 November.

Professional Staff Development Grant funds cannot be used to pay or supplement other fees (such as student/tuition fees) associated with enrolment in a degree, diploma or certificate, or for other costs associated (textbooks etc.) with such programs.

Reporting learnings

Within one month after your development activity report back to your team on how you have actively applied what you've learnt. You may choose to:

  • give a seminar or presentation to your team and/or other relevant staff
  • run a project applying your new skills and knowledge
  • write and distribute a paper, resource guide or toolkit to your team and/or other relevant staff
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