Staff excellence awards

Staff excellence awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for professional staff recognise the exceptional performance of professional staff members who  have performed above and beyond the normal requirements of their position, serve the strategic priorities of the University and demonstrate a commitment to service and engagement.

Award winners will be presented with a certificate by the Vice-Chancellor at the awards ceremony. In addition, for each award category, award recipients (an individual staff member or a team) are given a $4000 grant to be spent on professional development for the individual or team (eg course, conference, accreditation).

The Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards take place every second year. The next round of nominations open on 1 July 2019 and close on 26 July 2019. Individual staff members or teams can be nominated by other staff or students for one of the following categories:

Outstanding service

Delivering outstanding service to clients and/or stakeholders. Examples include:

  • taking accountability for and resolving challenging client issues or overcoming barriers to effective service
  • establishing ways to create more positive and engaging experiences for clients
  • inspiring, motivating and leading others to improve service delivery.

Collaboration and connection

Building connections and actively collaborating with others within and/or outside the University. Examples include:

  • breaking down silos and developing deep relationships outside their team, office, faculty or the University in service of the University's strategic objectives
  • proactively connecting and actively collaborating with other staff to resolve a shared problem or achieve a shared goal
  • developing meaningful and productive collaborations with external stakeholders.

Innovation and process improvement

Initiating and implementing innovation and/or process improvement. Examples include:

  • implementing creative and impactful ways to achieve the University's strategic objectives
  • developing new approaches, processes or systems which improve operations and/or service delivery
  • finding ways to streamline or simplify complex processes.

Leadership excellence

Creating a culture of service and engagement. Examples include:

  • demonstrating positive leadership behaviours (such as honesty, integrity, trust, appreciation of others, and empowerment) to achieve the University's strategic objectives.


Professional staff members at Macquarie University who meet the following criteria are eligible to receive an award:

  • continuing or fixed-term professional staff members
  • have a minimum of 12 months' employment at the University
  • employed at HEW Levels 1-10

Both individuals and teams are eligible to be nominated. If you are nominating a team, the majority of the team must consist of continuing or fixed-term professional staff whose contribution to the activity/project can be clearly demonstrated.

Teams can be functional or be project teams consisting of staff from different areas. Teams should be a maximum of 10 members. Larger groups may be considered under special circumstances.


Nominations open in July. To nominate an individual or a team complete and submit the online nomination form. Please note you cannot self-nominate.

Nominations should relate to exceptional performance in the last 24 months. Human Resources will forward submitted nomination forms to the manager of the nominated staff member or team for endorsement. All nominations are also reviewed by the Organisation Development team to ensure they meet the relevant criteria.

All eligible nominations are reviewed by the selection panel and recommendations are made to the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice-Chancellor makes a final decision on the award recipients.

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