Academic staff awards

Academic staff awards

Acknowledging the nexus between teaching and research excellence at Macquarie.

Finalists announced: 2019 Academic Staff Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 Academic Staff Award finalists. The awards represent Macquarie’s long history of teaching and research excellence with the winners and highly commended celebrated during a ceremony on 18 November.

Research award finalists

The Jim Piper Award for Excellence in Research Leadership

  • Associate Professor Malcolm Choat
  • Professor Roger Chung
  • Associate Professor Paul Sowman

Excellence in Research: Five Future-shaping Research Priorities

  • Associate Professor Paul Beggs
  • Professor Karu Esselle
  • Dr David Bulger
  • Dr Maria Kovaleva
  • Dr Celia Harris
  • Associate Professor Kate Lloyd
  • Associate Professor Sandie Suchet-Pearson
  • Professor Deborah Schofield
  • Professor Phillip Taylor

Excellence in Higher Degree Research Supervisor of the Year Award

  • Professor Kirstie Fryirs
  • Professor Jennie Hudson
  • Professor Chris Patel

Macquarie University Early Career Researcher of the Year


  • Dr Miriam Forbes
  • Dr Milena Gandy
  • Dr Katrina Hutchison


  • Dr Mohsen Asadnia
  • Dr Devika Kamath
  • Dr Bingyang Shi

Excellence in Higher Degree Research


  • Mr Nicholas Everett
  • Ms Cathleen Taylor-Rubin
  • Dr Lina Teichmann


  • Dr Affan Aziz Baba
  • Mr Ali Lalbakhsh
  • Ms Stephanie Rayner

Learning and teaching award finalists

Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Student Nominated Award

  • Dr Sonya Willis
  • Mr Roderick Smith
  • Associate Professor Tiffany Jones
  • Associate Professor Naomi Sweller
  • Dr Joel Fuller
  • Ms Alexandra Bhatti
  • Dr Bruno Alves Buzatto
  • Dr Gaurav Gupta
  • Dr Paul Crosby
  • Dr LayPeng Tan
  • Mr Daniel Lombardo
  • Mr Aleksandar Stefanovic

Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Sessional Staff Award

  • Dr Saartje Tack
  • Miss Lauren Ehrenfeld
  • Ms Charanya Ramakrishnan
  • Dr Frances Chang

Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Early Career Award

  • Ms Alexandra Bhatti
  • Dr Christopher Lustri
  • Dr Chong It Tan

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence

  • Dr Yves-Heng Lim and team members: Fred Smith and Dr Adam Lockyer
  • Associate Professor Matt Bower
  • Dr Matthew Bulbert and team members: Serene Lin-Stephens, Fiona Jones and Associate Professor Martin Whiting
  • Dr Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Learning Innovation

  • Associate Professor Kira Westaway and team members: Michael Rampe and Matthew Cabanag
  • Dr Robyn Westcott
  • Dr Mauricio Marrone
  • The Foundation and Diploma Direct Entry Program Team lead by Ms Alejandra Vazquez

Vice-Chancellor’s Educational Leader Award

  • Professor Catherine Dean
  • Dr Matthew Bulbert
  • Dr Prashan Shayanka Mendis Karunaratne
  • Dr Pamela Humphreys

Celebrate with your colleagues

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The Academic Staff Awards will be held on Monday 18 November from 3pm to 5.30pm in the Graduation Hall (14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue).

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