• Getting started

    As a staff member you have access to a wide range of systems, resources, facilities and support to help you realise your potential. But first, let’s focus on getting you up to speed as efficiently as possible, because harnessing our people’s expertise, passion and commitment is what makes us one of the world’s top universities.

    • Employment and benefits

      Generous superannuation and leave entitlements are only part of what we offer. Staff enjoy a work/life balance with remuneration and benefits that reward them for the value they create every day. Our workplace is the envy of many with beautiful grounds, recreational facilities, access to services, amenities on campus and a great location.

      • Safety at work

        We make every effort to ensure your work environment is safe. We do this by taking a proactive approach to managing safety risk, which means prioritising safety induction for all staff and contractors. As you’d expect, our focus is on preventing incidents. We back this up with our emergency response processes and reporting systems to protect you from threats and hazards and provide help when you need it.

        • Wellbeing and support

          We recognise that people have a life outside work and that they sometimes have personal responsibilities and situations that require flexibility. We look after our parents and carers with the option of flexible work plans, facilities for nursing mothers and on-campus early childhood education and care options. Our counselling service and employee assistance program are there to help you through difficult times.

          • Development

            We’re looking forward to helping you grow with us. Our training opportunities and support schemes give you the resources you need to succeed. Not only that, performance is recognised in our excellence awards for above-and-beyond contributions to service, collaboration, innovation and leadership.

            • Diversity and community

              We’re creating a culture that embraces, enhances and celebrates diversity at all levels of the University, through the efforts of faculties, staff, students, the executive leadership and community partnerships. We have a range of focus areas, programs and initiatives to engage, empower and support members of the Macquarie community.

              • Travel

                Travel is an essential part of staying connected. Macquarie is a progressive and influential institution, proud to take its place as one of the world’s premier universities. We use technology to collaborate and engage with the world, sharing innovative ideas and thinking. But we also need travel to explore places and cultures and strengthen the relationships we form with peers and partners.

                • Strategy, planning and governance

                  We all can play a part in delivering the strategy no matter what we do. Providing impetus for a culture change, it will bring us together and ensure we focus on what’s important as we engage with the world and our students. Every role at the University has a purpose and we empower our people so that they can achieve extraordinary things.

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