Chris Baumann

Chris BaumannAreas for Mentoring

Mentoring for Learning and Teaching

  • Advice on learning and teaching curriculum design
  • Advice on general teaching methods

Mentoring for Learning and Teaching Awards and Grants

  • Assistance with the development of an application for an MQ learning and teaching award

Mentoring for Research

  • Assistance with feedback on a journal article
  • Assistance with feedback on a conference paper
  • Advice on how to review a journal article

Generic Mentoring

  • Advice on how to complete a PhD
  • Advice on how to decide on career priorities
  • Advice on how to create networks
  • Assistance with critical reflection through listening and asking questions

Mentoring Conditions

  • One-on-one mentoring
    Sessions to be organised and specified at the beginning of the mentoring relationship between the mentor/mentee.
  • Group mentoring
    Recommended a maximum of 2-4 mentees for regular sessions to be decided by the group.
  • 1-2
    Willing to mentor only 1-2 mentees at any stage
  • Willing to mentor:
    • any mentees within my disciplines or across disciplines
  • Academic level of potential mentees: Lectuer A, Lecturer B

Biographical details

Dr Chris Baumann holds an Economist SEBA (Switzerland), an MBA from Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, Canada, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Business at Macquarie University in Sydney, where he teaches Brand Management. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Aarhus School of Business at Aarhus University, an Adjunct Lecturer at MGSM, a Visiting Fellow at Dunmore Lang College (DLC), and an SFU Alumni Representative.

His research interests are customer loyalty; ethnicity, culture, ideology and consumer and employee behaviour; employer branding; and, in the field of pedagogy, factors contributing to students' academic performance. In terms of International Business research, Chris collaborates with the Ming & Stella Wong Professor of International Business, Dr Rosalie Tung of SFU. Chris has joint publications in the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, International Journal of Bank Marketing, Journal of Business and Management, Journal of Financial Transformation, and Journal of Education for Business. He also has around twenty conference papers, some of which were award-winning.

For his teaching at Macquarie University, Chris was awarded by the Vice-Chancellor for 'Excellence in Education' in 2005, and in 2007, Chris won a national-level Carrick citation. Before his time as an academic, Chris worked in the Swiss banking industry for nearly seven years. His motto in life: "The best things in life are not things" (seen on a T-shirt in Hawaii).

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