Teaching Evaluation and TEDS

Evaluation of learning, teaching and curriculum can take a number of forms, suited to a range of purposes. The purpose of evaluation may be formative (focused on providing information for reflection and development) or summative (focused on evaluation of performance). Some forms of evaluation are most suited to the formative purpose, others to the summative purpose, while some can be used for both.

Evaluation of learning, teaching and curriculum is an integral component of the University's quality enhancement framework and accountability obligations. The findings of evaluation processes inform our assessment of where we are succeeding and where we have opportunities for improvement. There is a need, therefore, to develop an institutional culture of evaluation that is formative as well as summative.

Student feedback plays an important role in this process, enabling University teachers, planners and leaders to obtain information about the student experience at a number of levels, linking it to reflective practice, action and quality enhancement. Typically, universities evaluate student experience internally (at Macquarie, through the Teaching Evaluation for Development Service and Macquarie Analytics) and externally through national surveys such as the Course Experience Questionnaire or the Graduate Destination Survey.

The Learning and Teaching Centre provides resources and guidance to build Faculty and Department capacity for interpretation and constructive use of student feedback and other evaluative methods, for both formative and summative purposes.

The diagram below indicates a number of ways to evaluate the quality of learning, teaching and curriculum and so enhance the quality of student learning and experience. A list of useful links to further information relating to evaluation and a range of relevant resources follows.

Diagram showing theory of evaluation

Useful links

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