Tutors and lecturers

Tutors and lecturers

Building a strong sense of belonging through connections with peers, teachers and disciplines is a key factor for student success. 

It’s also pivotal to the role of our tutors and lecturers – which is why the University is committed to developing resources to help you make these connections.


KickStart helps students familiarise themselves with teaching staff and the unit content before session even starts. 

KickStart is a package of resources and activities delivered through iLearn. 

Each package usually includes welcome videos from the unit convenor, insights from industry experts and tips from previous students on how to succeed in the unit. 

If you would like to implement KickStart for your unit, please contact your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching.

101 faculty units

Online units in each faculty provide students with collated faculty-related tools and information to assist them in their learning journey.

101 units provide a consistent platform (look, feel and experience) for each faculty to communicate faculty and department-specific information to their students.

Like KickStart, 101 units are hosted in iLearn to minimise the number of platforms students need to move through.

The aim is to enable student independence, self-service and direction as part of a broader approach for improving the student experience.

Week 1 tutorials

Recognising that large-scale lectures are often impersonal and overwhelming, week 1 tutorials is an early engagement initiative that provides a face-to-face opportunity for cohort building with dedicated time for students and tutors to get to know each other. This helps facilitate a smooth transition from orientation to academic life.

Sessions may also introduce key unit content (that departments amend to their own requirements).

The initiative addresses the gap students often experience between orientation and the commencement of their academic learning journey. The aim is to increase a sense of belonging that, in turn, has benefits for both retention and success.

Blended teaching

All faculties have leaders in blended teaching and learning approaches, including flipped classrooms.

Faculty-based learning and teaching teams support staff in developing blended skills and practices. Exemplary unit development in each faculty was funded in 2016. Contact associate deans for more information.

Faculty learning advisors

Our faculty learning advisors support the integration of academic language and learning (ALL) into the curriculum. You may also want to reference the Learning Skills guide in developing your students' English language proficiency.

Engaging students

Student engagement is one of the pillars of our teaching ethos. A revised toolkit is slated for development with the aim of addressing a variety of teaching and learning issues that regularly arise in tutorials, lectures and online including:

  • engaging presentation and delivery
  • balancing theory and practice
  • managing questions and answers
  • driving student participation
  • active learning and inclusive teaching
  • group work
  • online tools
  • providing feedback
  • diversity.


Our tutors are at the coalface of student interaction and it’s inevitable you’ll be asked for information about a wide range of academic and non-academic matters.

In instances where the query is beyond the unit’s remit, teaching staff should simply refer students to:

  • faculty student centres
  • Student Connect (based in MUSE)
  • the Library front desk

where queries can be triaged appropriately.

Teaching workshops, events and programs may provide you with further information.

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