Connected curriculum

Connected curriculum

Our program-driven curriculum provides opportunities for students to graduate with

  • depth of disciplinary knowledge
  • breadth of transdisciplinary understanding
  • as well as with big ideas thinking
  • transferable skills, and
  • relevant real-world experience.

Key projects underway include:

Design for learning

As part of a broader Curriculum Lifecycle project, we're putting in place a program-based planning, development and review cycle resources for staff. The approach starts with the premise that all programs have clearly articulated learning outcomes and that their units and assessments directly contribute to these outcomes.

The program-based approach enables through design thinking the ability for key literacies (employability, sustainability, research, cultural and global perspectives) to be embedded and staged across programs. See Design for Learning pages for more information.

Open resources


iLearn is Macquarie’s online learning management system. It provides an online environment for learning, teaching, communication and collaboration. Take a look at the iLearn staff resources.

Linkedin learning (formally

Linkedin learning is a powerful online video learning library that offers more than 4,600 quality videos for staff and students. You can create playlists for students and can be accessed from the campus, at home or on your mobile. Here are some ideas on how you can use

  • Improve your work related skills in IT and other professional learning and development topics
  • Help your students improve essential software skills, like Excel
  • Use the videos to help you redesign a unit with a flipped classroom approach
  • You can add a link to a video in iLearn, just as you would any other URL

Connected literacies

With learning and teaching grant funding, an interdisciplinary team is exploring options for bringing together different resources including

  • academic
  • digital
  • information
  • sustainability
  • employability literacies, as well as
  • intercultural perspectives

to deliver an improved learning and teaching product.

The project is also working towards solving the technical challenges of housing this information, and making it easy for people to search and find what they need, when they need it.

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