Macquarie HEA Fellows

Macquarie HEA Fellows

Advance HE Fellows at Macquarie

Faculty of Arts

NameFellowship category
Ms Amanda Elton Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Dr Alys Moody Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Dr Uche Ngwaba Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Mrs Gai Ramesh Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Dr Abdullah-Al ArifFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Brian Cuddy Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Caillan DavenportFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Yves-Heng LimFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Henry KhaFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Adam Lockyer Fellowship (FHEA)
Mr Paul MalugaFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Consuelo Martinez-Reyes Fellowship (FHEA)
Ms Natalie Mylonas Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Andrew RobsonFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Chavalin Svetanant Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Maria AmigoSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Amy BarrowSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Zara BendingSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Lise Barry Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Rebecca Bilous Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Francesca DominelloSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Jane HanleySenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Jacqueline MackawaySenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Associate Professor Panos Vlachopoulos Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Sonya WillisSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)

Faculty of Human Sciences

Name Type of fellowship
Dr Agnes BodisFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Loy Lising Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Sarah Powell Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Nicholas Wilson Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Rebecca Andrews Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Agnes Bosanquet Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Mark ButlinSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Michael Cavanagh Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Maria Herke Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Susan Hoadley Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Rod Lane Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Kath McLachlan Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Kathleen Tait Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Associate Professor Penny Van Bergen Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Professor Mary Ryan Principal Fellowship (PFHEA)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Name Type of fellowship
Mrs Alexandra BhattiFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Vivek GuptaFellowship (FHEA)
Professor Ian JohnsonFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Albert LeeFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Marina Junqueira SantiagoFellowship (FHEA)
Associate Professor Taryn JonesSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Morwenna KirwanSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Mrs Sherrie LoveSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Jennifer RowlandSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Name Type of fellowship
Dr Ahmed Mekkawy Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Dr Bruno BuzattoFellowship (FHEA)
Professor Richard de Grijs Fellowship (FHEA)
Ms Belinda FabianFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Matthew Kosnik Fellowship (FHEA)
Mr Julian May Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Seyedfoad TaghizadehFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Kerrie Tomkins Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Nicholas Tse Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Kerstin Bilgmann Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Matthew BulbertSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Shaokoon Cheng Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Associate Professor Paul Hesse Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Carolyn Kennett Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Anne-Louise Semple Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Natalie Spence Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Frank Valckenborgh Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Associate Professor Kira Westaway Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Stephney Whillier Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Sarah WhiteSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)

Macquarie  Business School

Name Type of fellowship
Dr Andreas Hellmann Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Prashan Karunaratne Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Dominic McLoughlin Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Salut Muhidin Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Thelma RamanFellowship (FHEA)
Dr Yanlin ShiFellowship (FHEA)
Professor Ken Siu Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr LayPeng Tan Fellowship (FHEA)
Mr Arthur Tsang Fellowship (FHEA)
Mr Hasnain Zaheer Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Yvette Blount Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Associate Professor Jana Bowden Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Yvonne Breyer Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Shane Magee Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Milica Misic Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)

Macquarie University College and Offices

Name Type of fellowship
Mr Mahbub HassanAssociate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Ms Fiona Hird Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Mr Shamim Joarder Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Mr Marco Reyes Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Ms Sandra Wu Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Ms Samantha Zhou Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)
Mrs Alison Hayward Fellowship (FHEA)
Ms Clare Hurst Fellowship (FHEA)
Mrs Karen Mills Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Robyn Westcott Fellowship (FHEA)
Dr Cintia AgostiSenior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Ms Tessa Green Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Pamela Humphreys Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Dr Olga Kozar Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Mrs Serene Lin-Stephens Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Mrs Amanda Parker Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)
Professor Sean Brawley Principal Fellowship (PFHEA)

Note, the list was updated on 2 December 2019.

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