Sessional Academic Staff

Sessional Academic Staff

Welcome to the Department of Chiropractic.

This web page has been created to help sessional academics during their employment with us.


Code of Conduct

This Code confirms our commitment to the university’s values and outlines the expectations that are made of all staff of the university. All staff are expected to perform their duties and conduct the academic and business activities of the university with efficiency, fairness, impartiality, integrity honesty and compassion.

We undermine the integrity and value of our program when we cast disparaging remarks about different staff members (contract or otherwise), different techniques, or different clinics. For more information in regards to the Code Of Conduct.

Public Comment Policy

The University is committed to the principles of academic freedom, and its expectation that staff will challenge society's ideas and contribute to open debate by commenting publicly within areas of their professional expertise. But this freedom has associated responsibilities and this policy aims to clarify the obligations of staff when commenting in public forums.

The policy applies to all university staff and covers any comment in any medium, where it might be reasonably expected that the publication or circulation of the comment will spread to the community at large. This includes but is not limited to public speaking engagements, comments in newspapers or on radio and television, comments in web-based communications such as websites, social networks, forums and blogs; and expressions of views in letters to newspapers or in books, journals or notices.

Note: If you run a private practice that has a website, this website will also be covered by the university’s Public Comment Policy.

A breach of these policies would result in disciplinary procedures.

For more information in regards to Public Comment Policy.

Public Interest Disclosure, PID

Training for Macquarie University Executives
The Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (PID Act) sets in place a system to encourage public officials to report serious wrongdoing. Wrongdoing is categorised as:

  • Corrupt conduct
  • Maladministration
  • Serious and substantial waste of public money
  • Government information contravention

In order to support Macquarie University personnel in understanding and reporting serious wrongdoing, we ask that you complete the 20 minute executive e-learning module developed by the Office of the Ombudsman.

This training focuses on informing executives and senior managers on their obligations and responsibilities as principal officers and senior executives relating to public interest disclosures.

To access the learning module, please follow these steps.

1. Access the following website
2. Click on the first module: PID Awareness e-learning module
Bruce Barbour, NSW Ombudsman, will then guide you through the e-learning module.

Please select Local Government when selecting obligations.


Staff Matters

Students have a right to expect professionalism from their teachers. You have undertaken a commitment for the full semester. If you are unable to attend a class, it is your responsibility to contact one of your colleagues teaching on the same unit, to try and arrange a swap. This must be with the approval of the Unit Convenor. If you are unable to arrange a swap please contact your Unit Convenor as soon as possible so that alternate arrangements can be made. You must note the change on your timesheet and inform Jinxia Ke (9850 6389) of such temporary changes to your class allocation as Jinxia is looking after timesheet processing.

To find a replacement for a tutorial please contact only staff currently doing tutorials in that unit.

All of the above procedures similarly apply to you taking on extra work. You must have the prior approval of the Convenor, note it on your timesheet in the Comments field and keep Jinxia informed.

If you wish to resign from this position, please contact the Unit Convenor as soon as possible for a replacement to be arranged.

Work Hours

You will need to work the hours that you have agreed to in our offer of employment. We would expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner by turning up for work on time and making yourself available for the entire duration of the allocated class time.

Public Holidays

You will not be required to teach on public holidays as there will be no classes. The following are Public Holidays that fall within the teaching period:

30 March, Good Friday
2 April, Easter Monday
25 April, ANZAC Day, Wednesday
11 June, Queens Birthday, Monday
1 Oct, Labour Day, Monday

Please contact the Unit Convenor to discuss how the material for the Tutorial and Practicals is to be handled should classes fall on a public holiday. For example it may be necessary to ask these students to attend a class on any other day of that week. Whatever the arrangement, students need to be notified in advance. This is crucial if marking is to take place during classes in such a week.

Schedule & University Calendar weeks

All Lectures start in Week 1 ie the week commencing 26 February 2018. Some Tutorials and Practicals start in Week 1 others in Week 2 - click here for details. Please check the Unit Outline for class commencement dates.

Not all units have classes in every teaching week. Please check the Unit Outline to determine whether or not Tutorials and/or Practicals are running each week. If in doubt please contact the Unit Convenor.


You must provide us with your contract paperwork prior to commencing work, so that we can ensure you are on the payroll system.

Please submit your timesheets via HR online as per the due dates. These are marked in Yellow on the enclosed calendar, click here to view.

Click here for more information on the Casual academic staff information including instructions on how to complete timesheets.

Changes such as extra work performed or classes not taken must be noted on your timesheet as they occur.

Click here to find out information on the Job Descriptions and hourly rates.

Jinxia Ke will be checking the timesheets and processing them for payment, phone 9850 6389 or email

Staff List

Click here for Staff List, with phone numbers, email and offices.


Unit Outline

Read the Unit Outline regularly for the unit you are teaching in. It contains information you and the students are expected to know. All unit outlines are now part of a central university repository and can be found at
Check the unit homepage for what’s on this week/what’s new before attending your first lecture, practical or tutorial class each week.

Unit Convenors, Class Lists, Unit Outlines, SPA process

Please click here for a list of Unit Convenors.
The Unit Convenor is your main point of contact for all enquiries.

Please contact the Unit Convenor to be added to the unit iLearn page. All Unit Outlines are available through iLearn for the current semester.

If you require a class list please contact Jinxia Ke. As there are a couple of formats of this report on Student1 please specify exactly which type of class list you require.

Please contact your Unit Convenor for all guidance on SPA process in 2017.


Please contact the Unit Convenor if you need to borrow a copy of one of the current textbooks or course notes. Please note that you will have to return these at the end of semester.

Practical/Tutorial Arrangements

Please contact the Unit Convenor if you require a class list. A class list may be necessary for you to enter the attendance or assignment marks.

Assignment Marking

Please check the Unit Outline or contact the Unit Convenor for details regarding assignment arrangements.

Please return your marked assignments to the Unit Convenor sorted in alphabetic order if you would like us to hand them back to the students.

Student Requests

Students may want to change their tutorial or practical class, or won’t be able to turn up for assignment marking etc. To ensure fairness and equity in your dealings with students, please note and implement the following:

  • A student is meant to resolve a timetable clash on their own by making a swap with another student. The Department Timetables Officer is not permitted to move a student out of a class to make way for another. Please help students resolve their clashes. The timetable has been set up such that there are no lecture clashes within the degree programs and there are several tutorial/practical classes to choose from.
  • If a student wants to change their practical or tutorial class they must do so via the Web enrolment system.
  • For in-class marking, students must attend their scheduled practical/tutorial class. You will know who is meant to be in each practical class from the class list.
  • Towards the end of the semester, some students may seek extra assistance in the way of private tuition. It is imperative that you deal with these requests to ensure you are in no way compromising the integrity of the University teaching available to the student. Clearly there could be a conflict of interest if you seek payment from a student that is in your class or who you will mark at some later stage. Standard departmental policy is to discourage tutors / practical demonstrators from involving themselves in this activity, except for units for which they are not involved in giving formal tuition.


iLearn is the Macquarie University’s Learning Management System (LMS) and provides the framework for the courses and tools available to students and staff

The iLearn online learning environment enables learning, teaching, communication and collaboration. It can be used to make lecture notes, readings, quizzes, discussion forums, digital lecture recordings and other learning resources available to your students online.

Sessional Staff Website

This site has been developed as a toolkit to support sessional staff at Macquarie University. You might find this site useful if you are a sessional staff member, an administrator who manages sessional staff, or a unit convenor or Head of Department who has responsibility for sessional staff. Resources on this site have been grouped according to these roles.


All new employees and scholarship holders to the University are automatically set up with HR Online access

Your username is the letters "mq" followed by your staff number i.e. mqXXXXXXXX, and your password is your OneID password. If you do not have a OneID password, please contact IT Service Desk on (02) 9850 4357 to set one up.

Please see the Quick Reference Guide for instructions on using HR Online:

If you need any help accessing HR-Online please call 9850 4357

For all other enquiries regarding payroll please contact Payroll Advisor Cat Wiley on or call 9850 9785.

As we are at the start of the year, please take this opportunity to review and update your personal and banking details via HR ONLINE.

The University no longer issues hard copies of pay slips or group certificates. You should access this via HR Online.


  • Department Meetings are held monthly, at the start of the month
  • Research Seminars are held approximately every month
  • Student Staff Liaison Meetings are held once per semester


Office Space

In the department offices in 17 Wally's Walk (C5C), West Wing, Level 3, there is a space for Casual Academic Staff with workstations where you can do your student consultations, marking or fill in timesheets. If you experience any problems with logging on to the PCs please contact Irene Stiros on 9850 6990 .

We also have a Staff Tea Room in 17 Wally's Walk (C5C) Room 365 where we provide tea and coffee. Please feel free to drop in.

Macquarie Campus Card

Once you are on the Payroll please make arrangements to have a Macquarie Campus Card created. This is done in the MUSE building ground floor. If you need access to the lecterns in the theatres or to any special rooms, please contact Irene Stiros and we will arrange for this to be built into your card. You can pick up a lanyard, if you need one, from the Chiropractic Office.

The Macquarie University Campus Card is your key to a range of resources, facilities and services on and off campus. Your Campus Card gives you:

  • a University ID, the only official proof of identity for University purposes
  • library borrowing, printing and photocopying services
  • building access, with an integrated contactless card for use in all University buildings and properties


Please contact the Chiropractic Office if you need stationery or any specific supplies. Stationery that can be recycled e.g. clip charts, time-stop watches, must be returned to Chiropractic Office.

Parking Facilities

If you would like to purchase a parking permit you will need to complete the Macquarie University Traffic and Parking Rules application form. This can be collected and paid for at the Cashier’s Office (Level 1 Lincoln Building) or download it at

See Staff Permits. We have provided the Cashier’s Office with a list of casual academic staff for 2018.


Office 365 and Outlook Mail

As a first step you must activate your university email and it is through this official email address that you will be kept informed of staff announcements and news. It will be assumed that these are taken as read and that you have been informed.

For new staff please note your email is automatically created once your contract is entered onto the Payroll system. However first time users must activate their email. To do so please contact the IT Service Helpdesk on 9850 4357 open week days from 8 am to 8 pm. Staff who are being re-employed have their email accounts continue. Email accounts only lapse 4 months from the end of your contract.

If you primarily use another email account, please make sure that you arrange for mail from your MU email account to be automatically forwarded to that account.

If you face any problems, call the IT Service Helpdesk on 9850 4357 and they will be able to talk you through the process.

We will contact you via email and it is important that you read your university email regularly.

Office 365 Suites

You will also find here the Microsoft programs ie Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. For more information please review the MQ Office 365 Userguides


Mail in hard copy format will be sent to the Chiropractic Office, an email notification will be sent to you and your mail would be waiting for you in the Sessional pigeon hole in the print room.


eLearning and Teaching Course

The Learning and Teaching Centre at Macquarie University run a variety of courses such as Foundations in eLearning and Teaching Course, Unit Convenor Program, Tutor Induction Program and many more courses, please click here

Visit the Learning and Teaching Centre to enrol into the program Foundations in Teaching and Learning which is open to all academic staff or to apply to the TIP Tutoring Induction Program or to arrange to have your teaching evaluated via the Teaching Evaluation for Development Services (TEDs).

Unit Evaluations

The Department conducts unit evaluations on all units on a rotation basis via the Learning and Teaching Centre. For a more individual assessment of your teaching, you are strongly encouraged to contact L&T Centre to arrange a teaching assessment (called TEDS) Teaching Evaluation for Development Service click here. The Service is confidential and available to all teaching staff at Macquarie. Note that L&T Centre requires at least twenty-one days’ notice is required to process requests. Please make sure you contact them in good time if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity.

Research in the Department of Chiropractic

Visit the Research page of our website to find out more about the areas of research that Chiropractic academics are involved in.

The Department has a research seminar program featuring talks of general interest. These are held regularly and are advertised on the website.


Health & Safety Responsibilities

Health and Safety is a joint responsibility that of Management, staff and students.

Please read this section and observe these policies at all times during your employment here.

While taking a class you are responsible for your own safety and that of students you are supervising.

WHS Training

To ensure you are trained to carry out your OHS responsibilities, you are required to complete a number of online safety modules within the first four weeks of employment. To complete them you will need your staff number. The modules can be found as part of your HR dashboard, also the at the Faculty of Science website at

This online training is to be completed by all staff once every two years.

Chiropractic Laboratory Rules, For Staff

The Chiropractic Lab Rules for staff have been revised to include sections on TPT, EPT and FD. Before commencing work with us you must have gone through these rules with your Unit Convenor.

Note these rules cover the use of Chiropractic Labs on E5A Level 3 only. Classes taking place in Biology, Physics, Statistics Labs or the Anatomy Lab in ASAM will be governed by their own local rules. Please speak to the Unit Convenor for rules pertaining to these labs.

Please contact the Unit Convenor and ensure that you have been taken through the Chiro Lab WHS Induction prior to you commencing work.

Students are bound by similar rules.  It is the responsibility of the Assistant Coordinator to go through these rules with the students prior to starting the first class.

The department will be carrying out periodic checks of the E5A Labs using the Chiropractic Laboratory Checklist.

Breaches to any of the above could result in disciplinary action by the Head of Department.

Chiropractic Laboratory Rules, For Students

Similarly the lab rules for Masters students have been revised to include EPT, TPT and FD. The rules for Bachelor students and HLTH108 remain unchanged.

This year WHS training for students will be as follows:

1st year B Chiro Sc. students, coordinated by Christopher Burrell and Aron Downie (CHIR113)

3rd year B Chiro Sc. students, coordinated by Christopher Burrell and Aron Downie (CHIR315)

1st year M Chiro students, coordinated by Roger Engel (CHIR602)

2nd year M Chiro students, coordinated by Curtis Rigney (CHIR918)

3rd year M Chiro students, coordinated by Sarah Letby (Students in the Clinics)

First Aid

The Department First Aid Officers are:

Sarah Letby, contact 9850 2300 or 0458 717 286 or email, and Amy Batchelor, contact details 9850 6756 or email

First Aid box is located in the C5C Chiropractic Office Staff Tea Room and in all skills labs ie E5A 310, 320 and 330.

If you urgently need a First Aider and cannot find Sarah or Amy call Security on extension 7112. All Security staff are trained senior first aid officers.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation Procedures are displayed on the back of each Lab Door.

Familiarise yourself with the emergency exists of the areas that you will be working in.

If you are the person in charge of a class, you will assume the role of Floor or Area Warden.

When you hear the intermittent “beep beep” siren (Alert Phase)

  • Remain calm
  • Stand-by to evacuate the building
  • Start to shut off adjacent electrical points and close windows if safe to do so.

When you hear the “whoop whoop” (Evacuation Phase):

  • Leave the place of work taking only personal belongings
  • Walk, do not run, to the nearest safe EXIT
  • Do NOT use the lifts
  • Proceed to the assembly point (refer to placards in the building)
  • Return to the building only when instructed by a Warden or Security or the emergency service attending the incident declares that the building is safe for re-entry
  • Resume your class

You are to assist in evacuating the premises as quickly as possible. Please refer to the procedures for your responsibilities here.

Incidents and Accidents

A hazard means anything, including work practices or procedures, which have the potential to harm the health or safety of a person. If you see or become aware of a hazard you need to report it to your supervisor i.e. the Unit Convenor, if you are not able to eliminate or control the risk yourself.

All accidents on campus involving staff, students, visitors and members of the public must be reported.

If a person is seriously injured or ill, call Security immediately on extn. 9999 (98509999).  If you cannot reach Security dial 0-0000 (000 from an external phone) and ask for whichever service you need AMBULANCE, FIRE BRIGADE or POLICE.  Provide your name, phone number, location, number of people involved, and details of the medical emergency.

Accident/incidents involving staff, students, visitors and contractors, where an injury or illness occurs, must be reported immediately and if not resulting in injury, must be reported within 24 hours, using the university’s online system. Please assist a student fill in the online form, if he/she has been involved in an injury. Please report the incident to your Unit Convenor immediately.

Please go to the University webpage for more details.

All incidents/Accidents resulting in an injury or illness


All incidents/accidents not resulting in an injury

Within 24 hours

All near-misses and hazards

Within 48 hours

Important telephone numbers:
Emergency 9999
Security 7112

Responding to a person/s wishing to cause you harm 
1. Be aware 
2. Have a plan, know your escape route, know your hiding place
3. Sign up for MQ alerts

Reacting to a person/s wishing to cause you harm
1. If it is safe to do so, leave the area
2. If it is not safe to do so, find a place to hide.


It is your responsibility to report anything that needs fixing e.g. ripped carpet, broken equipment, loose wiring etc. Please email The Department will take steps to report these to the Office of Facilities Management.

The Department will carry out periodic checks of the labs to ensure that all health and safety measures are being followed.

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