Department of Chiropractic

Department of Chiropractic

The Macquarie University Department of Chiropractic fosters a rigorous evidence-based program. We are internationally recognised for our diligent and ethical clinicians and researchers.

All academic staff must contribute to the department and University: teaching, administration, community service, clinical supervision and research are fundamental.

Our department also runs the on-campus chiropractic clinics.

The Department of Chiropractic is a signatory to the The International Chiropractic Education Collaboration - Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education: a Position Statement.

Our Aim

We aim to foster research in community health, complementary medicine and evidence-based chiropractic teaching to contribute to general health and the international chiropractic community.

Previously completed research projects include:

  • The development of a safe backpack for children’s spinal health
  • An investigation into chiropractic management of common sporting injuries
  • Randomised control trial of chiropractic treatment of shoulder pain
  • Sports medicine
  • The determinants of manipulation when associated with the joints of the human spine: a legal perspective
  • The role of the foot in pelvic and lower limb biomechanics
  • The relationship of stress, ergonomics and neck disorders to migraines
  • Physical characteristics of migraine sufferers, specifically in relation to work conditions
  • Chiropractic education and the cost effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for workers compensation

The Department of Chiropractic offers two programs:


The Department of Chiropractic is committed to undertaking research that will improve the musculoskeletal health of the community. Discover more about the research work undertaken by the department.

Get involved

We are internationally recognized for our chiropractic research. Our areas of research are extensive, and include analysis into chiropractic treatment of shoulder pain, investigations of chiropractic management of common sporting injuries, sports medicine and the determinate of manipulation when associated with the joints of the human spine.

To get involved with research in our department, contact the Faculty of Science Research Office or have a look at our current funding opportunities and fellowships.

For more information, contact our Research Coordinators and Research Partnership Manager:

Dr Simon French- Research Coordinator 
T: 61 2 9850 6383

Sessional Academic Staff - For current and prospective staff

For all current information in regards to sessional academic staff and application forms click here.

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