Awards and recognition

Macquarie encourages teachers to develop and expand their capabilities – and we reward and recognise their achievements.

We understand the complexities of balancing teaching, research and leadership commitments. To remain agile, the University supports those who best understand their disciplines (our academic staff) to seize new opportunities as they arise, take risks and to try new ways of doing things.

Please note, a number of research specific opportunities are also made available to staff.

  • Academic promotion

    Macquarie has a holistic approach to recognising academic achievement, supporting staff to progress their academic career on the basis of merit, performance and achievement.

  • Higher Education Academy accreditation

    An academic professional framework will enable progression to accreditation through the Higher Education Academy Fellowship Scheme and recognition in terms of academic promotion.

  • Online resources

    Having access to curated online resources empowers organisational learning and the exchange of ideas.

  • Awards in teaching

    Receiving an award is an esteemed accomplishment and will support academic promotion.

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