A place for learning and teaching

A place for learning and teaching

Macquarie University was founded as a University in 1964 with the passage of the Macquarie University Act by NSW Parliament. Here’s how we developed as a place for learning and teaching.

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Our motto: 'And Gladly Teche'

The motto comes from Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, circa 1400. Read about the naming of the University, the story behind our motto and the lighthouse emblem on the History of Macquarie University website.

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A pioneering role in Australian higher education

Read about why Macquarie was considered ‘Australia’s most radical and unconventional university’ in this recount of the achievements of our first 25 years in Liberality of Opportunity, B Mansfield & M Hutchinson (1992)


Macquarie brought learning to the doors of Sydney’s North Shore women

"One young baby comes along with mother to the lectures and is being introduced to academic life and strained foods at the same time. Macquarie University, set down squarely in the midst of a big market-gardening area, has literally brought learning to the doors of women of Sydney's North Shore." -  The Australian Womens Weekly, 1967

first graduation

First ever graduation ceremony

The first graduation ceremony was held in 1970

first lecture

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MQ lakeside

Macquarie now

  • A campus of 126 hectares
  • A diverse community of students and staff representing more than 120 countries
  • Over 9,000 degrees awarded annually
  • 164,000 alumni worldwide
  • Campuses in North Ryde (main campus) and Sydney CBD

Questions? Contact the Professional Development team via professional.learning@mq.edu.au

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