Professional workshops and events

Professional workshops and events

The Learning Innovation Hub curates targeted workshops, events and programs to support teachers at Macquarie. A timetable of upcoming events is available on the Teche blog that also runs weekly news stories written by staff contributors from across campus.


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Casual academic staff essentials

This program provides staff — who are either new to teaching or who want to explore aspects of learning and teaching practice — with the knowledge and skills to enable them to operate as effective teachers.

At the end of the interactive program, participants will be able to:

  • draw upon the theoretical underpinnings of scholarly practice in learning and teaching to identify activities that foster student-centred learning and engagement in both face-to-face and online environments
  • investigate their own teaching and student learning context
  • demonstrate how to align unit outcomes, learning activities, assessment tasks and the provision of feedback to students within a program-based framework
  • identify activities that incorporate inter-cultural and global perspectives into learning and teaching activities and support accessibility
  • employ critical reflection (self, peer, student, literature) to their own learning and teaching practice by developing and documenting strategies for improvement (eg in a teaching portfolio)
  • apply e-learning strategies and tools for specific teaching contexts
  • easily incorporate key policies, plans, support structures and strategies into their own learning and teaching activities.

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Upon completion, certificates of completion are provided that are recognised as formal academic professional development.

Foundations in Learning and Teaching (FiLT)

FiLT is a professional learning program that provides a succinct, engaging and thought-provoking overview of key theories and research in higher education learning and teaching. FiLT is recognised nationally as a leading foundations program and participant feedback is always positive.

FiLT is offered in blended mode, which integrates face-to-face, online, practical and reflective approaches to learning. It consists of components designed for the whole cohort (half-day face-to-face sessions and iLearn modules) plus components determined and specified by the faculties, which vary somewhat depending on each faculty’s particular strategies, teaching contexts and goals. Information on FiLT requirements and specific faculty requirements can be found in the FiLT iLearn unit.

The Faculties and the Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) together administer, support, develop and deliver FILT in partnership. The FiLT content and learning activities are designed to provide a strong basis for your own ongoing development as a scholarly, reflective teacher and for your future professional recognition and career progression.

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Online FILT

Provides four online modules to introduce you to teaching in a tertiary context. 

Each module runs over a four-week period. 

By studying this program, you’ll also be experiencing the learning environment many of your students experience, whether they are full-time, part-time, distance or on campus students.

By completing the four modules, you’ll be eligible for a FILT Certificate.

Developed for tutors and sessional staff, this workshop program is made up of a set of core and optional workshops delivered in either face-to-face or online mode.

Faculties now provide financial support for participants to attend a tutor induction program (TIP). Check with your department or faculty administrator for the specific requirements for completing TIP and find out if you are eligible for payment from your department upon completion.

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Upon completion, certificates of completion are provided that are recognised as formal academic professional development.

Teaching Induction Program (TIP)

The Teaching Induction Program (TIP) is a blended professional learning experience, developed and delivered in partnership by Faculty Learning and Teaching Teams and Learning Innovation Hub (LIH) staff.

TIP is separate from, but designed to build upon, the Faculty Casual Staff Induction programs for new casual staff.

The requirements for TIP participation and certification are specified by each faculty, and together should comprise approximately 8 hours of developmental activity and professional learning for staff beginning to teach at Macquarie. If you are not attached to a faculty, requirements will be specified by the LIH.

For all participants, required activities may include:

  • modules from the TIP iLearn unit
  • face-to-face workshops offered at faculty level or centrally (e.g. Learning Technology Services iLearn workshops)
  • specific learning and teaching events (e.g. LTX sessions, seminars, presentations)  
  • other faculty- or department-based activities (e.g. participation in peer observation of teaching, contributions to curriculum development).

Faculty requirements are provided in the TIP iLearn unit.

Participants who fulfil all requirements will be awarded a TIP Certificate of Completion.

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Peer review

Peer review of learning and teaching provides both the reviewee and the reviewer the opportunity to mutually enhance the quality of their teaching practices. 

All teaching activities and delivery modes should be included in peer review as outlined:    

What is to be reviewed? [PDF - 191k]

The PEER Model has been developed to assist staff in facilitating review processes:

Download the handbook [PDF - 1.7mb] or download individual documents:

Helpful forms

Depending on scale of peer review (and its alignment to program review phases), activities may be recognised in terms of formal academic professional development.

Please note, these pages are under review.

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