Macquarie curriculum

Macquarie curriculum

Our Curriculum Standards Framework (CSF) articulates our commitment to upholding the Higher Education Standards Framework and promotes the learning outcomes that we are seeking for students, inspired by the vision of the Learning and Teaching and Research Frameworks.

CSF principles will be used to guide the creation of a Curriculum Lifecycle Kit that will outline: 

Our distinctive connected curriculum features:

PACE (Professional and Community Engagement)

Embedded within degree programs, PACE takes undergraduate students out of the classroom and into real workplaces and communities, both in Australia and overseas, to develop vital work skills.

People and Planet units 

People and Planet units enable undergraduate students to achieve the breadth of understanding by facilitating units of study outside their primary discipline.

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

GLP is an award-winning extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree. This provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills in a global context.

Our program-based approach to curriculum design enables essential literacies to be embedded at the appropriate levels. Literacies include sustainability, Indigenous perspectives, internationalisation, employability and research.

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Note: curriculum lifecycle resources for staff are under construction. 

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