Teaching at Macquarie

At Macquarie, learning is a voyage of discovery for students and teachers alike. As teachers, we are responsible for guiding the generations that follow, helping them to discover the world, new ideas and themselves. Our framework gives us the means to chart our course and create a valuable and memorable experience for every student. It encourages us to embrace uncertainty and thrive in a changing environment.

Being connected is the driving principle facilitating the building of an open and transparent culture at Macquarie. This draws on the collegial nature and deep expertise of our staff and aligns our efforts towards common goals in learning, teaching, research, leadership, community and industry engagement.

  • Teaching roles

    We recognise that ownership of learning and teaching lies with those who understand them best: the teachers, departments and faculties.

  • Student engagement and collaboration

    By leveraging partnerships across portfolios and faculties, our academic and extracurricular activity is aligned to enable the best possible outcomes for students.

  • Design for learning

    Our curriculum standards framework defines our strategic intention, how and what students should learn, defines the curriculum lifecycle requirements and our connection to the HES framework.

  • Professional workshops and events

    As a community of practice, the Learning Innovation Hub curates targeted workshops, events and programs to support teaching staff at Macquarie.

  • Learning technologies and spaces

    We provide support and a demonstrated commitment to the ongoing development of blended learning opportunities that balance digital and physical environments.

  • Recognition, awards and grants

    Macquarie supports those who best understand their disciplines – our academics – to seize opportunities, take risks and try new ways of doing things.

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