Orientation and commencement

Orientation and commencement

Orientation's the start of the student experience at Macquarie, when we welcome new students into our diverse, vibrant and innovative community.

It's our opportunity to deliver a cohesive and engaging first impression for new students, setting expectations that influence their retention and progression.

Orientation is a crucial step in the student journey because it introduces our new students to life at Macquarie. Students have limited time to adjust to the new physical, academic, social and emotional environment before they're expected to perform. Our students come into University with particular life experiences and knowledge that may not have adequately prepared them for tertiary study, and Orientation is one way we can help support our students to succeed.

Staff involvement in Orientation

Our Session 1, 2017 program is upon us, and we welcome any and all staff to explore events and meet our students. See here for what's on each day and remember, students are keen to meet staff too so if your area does not have a stall during O Week, there's no better way to help our students feel welcome. There's a few events which we would like to invite staff to attend and act as 'ambassadors' for Macquarie - find out more, register your interest and on the day, make yourself known to the Event staff.

Do you see any sessions that you think you should be involved in? Contact Josephine Avati, Orientation Program Manager at josephine.avati@mq.edu.au for advice.

How does Macquarie support Orientation?

A joined-up steering committee with representatives from across key portfolios and faculties that ensure a smooth introduction, transition and start to the Macquarie student learning journey.

Discover what's available for students as part of their student orientation program.

For more information, contact sherman.young@mq.edu.au.

When does planning begin for each session?

Usually, planning for Session 1 will begin in September of the previous year and Session 2, will see planning commence from late March. There are existing Orientation Working Groups, Enrolment Planning Groups and an EOC Working Group which has the responsibility of bringing these 2 activities into alignment with the strategic direction of the steering committee .

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