Macquarie's approach to employability is broad spectrum and supports students through both embedded curricular and extracurricular opportunities and activities.

Professional and community engagement (PACE)

The PACE program provides a best-practice framework for experiential learning that now spans internships and Co-op opportunities. 

With a range of innovative learning activities, we help students to build on their academic studies with authentic workplace experience. Our PACE program provides students the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and gain employability skills needed to jump start their careers.

Global leadership program (GLP)

The Global leadership program (GLP) is a tailored extracurricular program for students. It can be undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie and is open to all students. GLP is a University-funded program that develops a student's capability in leadership, cross-cultural understanding and international awareness.


It is now more important than ever that graduates are able to show prospective employers that they are able to operate in a professional environment. 

An internship demonstrates a graduate's ability to apply classroom theories to the workplace and to develop essential, transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving. An internship also gives students a clearer career direction through gaining a taste of their potential career.

Discover more about student internship opportunities.


Macquarie offers co-operative education experiences to undergraduates known as Co-op. Co-op provides an opportunity for students to alternate between classroom studies and workplace experience in the form of 3- or 6-month vocational placements. A Co-op experience allows students to apply the concepts learned in the classroom in a professional setting for a period of time that encourages meaningful participation in projects and activities.

The Co-op program will commence in 2018 with a combined Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Bachelor of Professional Practice.

A range of combined degrees with the Bachelor of Professional Practice in other disciplines is planned for future years.


As part of Macquarie's commitment to preparing 'career-ready' graduates, the Macquarie Career and Employment Service assists students with their career development. They help students research organisations and opportunities, search and apply for jobs, prepare application documents and provide a platform where students can acquire the skills and experience to get them career-ready.

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