Student engagement and collaboration

Our approach to teaching is informed by evidence that the modern student is likely to learn best when face-to-face experience is combined with sophisticated and interactive digital resources. In a world of amazing technological change, our challenge is understanding how the digital and physical campus experience can work to engage bright, curious minds in the process of learning.

The student experience is our highest priority at Macquarie. The student journey is serviced from early engagement to recruitment, throughout learning, and into graduation, and beyond.

Academic and extra-curricular programming (and administration) is aligned through partnerships across portfolios and faculties to enable the best possible outcomes for students.

See the Strategic framework and Teaching at Macquarie for more initiative details.

To ensure currency, we regularly engage in benchmarking including analysis of commissioned student research projects to inform strategic priorities and directions that respond to the increasing diversity of prospecting learners, and the fast-paced global context of higher education provisioning. At all times, we seek student engagement and participation to validate and collaborate in rolling-out tailored solutions.

  • Enrolment, orientation and commencement

    A steering committee with representatives across key portfolios and faculties ensures a smooth transition to the Macquarie student learning journey.

  • Program-based curriculum

    With a program-level approach to curriculum design we’re committed to enabling students to showcase the value of their learning journey upon graduation.

  • Postgraduates, MRes and Research

    Macquarie provides postgraduate coursework and research programs that offer options for new pathways and careers.

  • Employability

    Macquarie's approach to employability supports students through embedded and extracurricular opportunities and activities via PACE, GLP, internships, Co-ops and careers.

  • Graduation and Alumni

    The Alumni Relations team ensure longevity of benefits for Macquarie graduates through programming and networking opportunities.

  • Entry pathways and scholarships

    There are a range of entry pathways including scholarships available to prospective students.

  • Converged services

    Committed to improving the student experience and success, this steering committee ensures alignment and coordination across student support services.

  • Careers office

    Provides tailored programming to students including careers advising, events, networking opportunities with employers, and jobs on and off campus.

  • Learning technologies and spaces

    Continuous development of blended learning opportunities that balance digital and physical environments delivering increased flexibility in timing and teaching modes.

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