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This website contains information on learning and teaching support teams in Faculties and MUIC, library teaching support information and quicklinks.

  • Faculty support

    Learning and teaching support teams

    Learning and teaching support teams in Faculties and MUIC can help you to deliver engaging learning experiences for your students by providing advice and support in the use of technologies and tools in the delivery of your teaching.

  • Library support

    Library support for teaching

    The Library offers a range of online tools and face-to-face services to support academic, digital and information literacy needs. Find information about copyright, managing your reading lists, and library skills support for your students.

Academic integrity


Academic integrity is a core value in the Macquarie community of students, academics, scholars, and staff. Macquarie University is committed to the five values of honesty, respect, trust, responsibility and support. Further information can be found on the Academic integrity website.


  • Academic Integrity Policy outlines MQ’s values, responsibilities under the policy, plus definitions of acceptable and unacceptable academic activities.
  • Academic Integrity Module for Students is an online module to help students understand how to act with academic integrity and avoid plagiarism (also available on each student’s iLearn home page).

Academic standing (progression)

Academic standing (progression) – Academic progress of students toward degree completion

  • Academic Progression Policy and procedure establishes how the academic progress of all enrolled students will be monitored and how students will be supported toward the successful completion of their studies. It incorporates the Fitness to Practice procedure.
  • Academic progression information for students includes definitions for the different levels of academic standing, and where students can go for support.
  • Students should seek Faculty Academic Advice if they have an academic standing of academic caution, conditional enrolment, or probation.

Audio Visual Technology Services (AVTS)

AVTS Support

Career development learning

The Career Development Consultants team provide assistance to academic staff with enhancing student employability within the curriculum.

Curriculum management system (MQCMS)

MQ Curriculum manual wiki

echo360 Active Learning Platform for lecture recordings

echo360 Active Learning Platform quick guides

Faculties, departments and centres

A list of all Faculties, departments and centres at Macquarie University.

Global leadership program

Global leadership program (GLP) is a co-curricular program with a focus on cross-cultural understanding, leadership, international issues, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills and networks they will need to advance their professional and personal lives. Further information can be found on the GLP website.

Grade appeal


Handbook – The official published information about Macquarie University’s units and courses.

Handbook information is populated from the Curriculum Management System (MQCMS). If a change is required to any information appearing in the University's handbook, then an amendment will firstly need to be submitted in the MQCMS for approval.

iTeach (online teaching administration system)

Learning skills unit

The Learning Skills Unit provides a wide range of services to support students in developing their academic literacy and numeracy skills. Further information can be found on the Learning skills website.

Maps of the Campus


Information on Micro-credentials at Macquarie can be found here including policies and procedures, how to create a Micro-credential and support resources for staff. Further information can be found on the Micro-credentials website.

MQ Online Systems

Access the full list of all centrally supported online systems for staff.


PACE is Macquarie’s experiential learning program that provides all undergraduate students with practice-based opportunities to learn in the real world. Further information can be found on the PACE website.

Report an incident

Report an incident – Use our online system for reporting risks and hazards

  • ROAR (Risk Online Active Reporting) is for contacting the Workplace Health & Safety, and Risk and Assurance teams to lodge an online query or report about anything that you think is risky, hazardous or threatening.

Room bookings

Room booking system for adhoc teaching or meetings.

  • Room bookings system login. Use your MQ number and password. The system will ask you to define your room needs, dates and times. A list all rooms available to you will be displayed.

Special consideration

  • Special Consideration Policy and procedure is designed for students experiencing short-term, unexpected, serious and unavoidable circumstances impacting their performance in an assessment task.
  • Special Consideration information for students outlines the process for students, what constitutes serious and unavoidable circumstances and what they need to have as supporting evidence in order to apply.
  • Students apply using the online application form in AskMQ.
  • Here’s a short video that runs students through the steps on how to submit a special consideration request.


  • Find out when classes are scheduled - Search the timetable system by unit code, department, academic staff member or location. There is a guide on how to search the system.
  • Timetable wiki is a source of information for staff and students on how the timetable is compiled each year, timelines and systems.

Withdrawal without penalty

Withdrawal without penalty – For students withdrawing from a unit after census date.

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Access the full list of all centrally supported online systems for staff.

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