Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

Our Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework: 2020-2024 titled Enhancing student learning to maximise future success places students and their success at its centre. The vision is to ensure our students develop into connected, civic-minded citizens who will be prepared for the future world of work.

Supporting this vision are two key objectives:

  1. We will provide a distinctive Macquarie University pedagogy that distinguishes how students learn and the way our academics teach to ensure we are supporting and empowering our students to realise their full potential.
  2. We will provide transformative learning experiences that include dynamic opportunities for engagement with industry and community partners.

The Strategic Framework outlines a vision for learning and teaching for the Macquarie University community from now until 2024. To ensure the success of the strategic framework, we request all faculties, departments and central units engage with and embrace the framework over this period. The framework belongs to all members of the University Community, all of whom have a role to play in achieving the vision and ensuring its success.

Updates on initiatives to implement the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework will be communicated to staff on a regular basis via this website, newsletters, staff forums and the TECHE blog.
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