Class group sync

Class group sync

Automatically create Tutorial Groups in iLearn

Unit convenors can automatically create groups in iLearn based on student enrolments. These groups will be refreshed on a daily basis, meaning that when students change classes in eStudent, these changes will be reflected in these auto-created iLearn groups.


  • Don’t have to manually move students around when they change classes
  • No need to wait until census date to create class/tutorial groups
  • Saves time and effort

Kinds of Groups Created

All auto-created groups will be enclosed in [square brackets]. The kinds of groups created will be:

  • Class Groups
    E.g. [Tutorial_1|THU|01:00PM|C05], [Lecture_1|TUE|09:00AM|C01]
    Where the trailing ‘C’ stands for the class number
  • Cohort Groups
    E.g. [AHIS190_2018_FHFYR_INT_U], [AHIS190_2018_FHFYR_EXT_U]
  • [Internal] and [External] Groups
    Containing all internal and external students enrolled into this iLearn space

Important Notes and Caveats

  • Manual additions of students to auto-created groups will be lost upon sync
    The students must be registered into classes in eStudent. Students manually enrolled into iLearn will not appear in the auto-created groups.
  • Manual additions of staff to auto-created groups will be retained upon sync
    Staff must be listed in the iLearn space in iTeach
  • Convenors CANNOT delete auto-created groups
    If you would like to remove groups from your iLearn unit, please email or contact your faculty Learning Designer
  • Syncing stops at end of study period (or 5 months from access date)
    Whichever date comes first


Firstly you need to create your iLearn space in iTeach by Activating an iLearn space.  Under the section called Class Group Sync, tick Enable groups on this iLearn space to be synced nightly.

Class Group Sync enabled

Once ticked and the iLearn space has been created, each night iLearn will auto-populate groups based on eStudent (AMIS) class registrations.

What it looks like in iLearn

Once iLearn has synced overnight with eStudent (AMIS), you can go into iLearn and see which students are in which group.

  1. Login to iLearn and select your unit.
  2. Click the Navigation menu and select Participants.
  3. Click the Actions menu and select Groups.

    Group sync in iLearn
  4. Here it lists all the groups as they appear in eStudent (AMIS).  The number in brackets is the number of students who have enrolled in that group.
  5. When you click on a group it shows you the students who have enrolled.
  6. A group for all internal and external students is created and contains ALL internal or external students respectively. So, for example, if there is more than one external cohort in the iLearn unit, then the [External] group would contain all external students.
  7. A group for each cohort is created which are cohort-based groups and only contain their cohorts students.

    Group sync groups

    Please note that from iLearn you are not able to delete groups that have been created in eStudent (AMIS).  If you would like to remove groups from your iLearn unit, please email or contact your faculty Learning Designer

    Do not manually add students to auto-created groups. Unless the class group sync setting is off, the groups will be refreshed daily and manual additions made to groups may disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I manually add to students to auto-created groups?

This is NOT recommended. Although you can manually add students to groups, manual changes may not persist when the sync happens every night. The students must be registered in the appropriate class in eStudent.

If you’d like for manual changes made to these groups to persist, you can disable class group sync. This will the leave this groups as-is and unaffected. Of course, the downside is the sync will no longer happen!

Can these groups be created before an iLearn space is made available to students?

Not at the moment, but we are currently working on making this option available.

How do I delete auto-generated groups?

Please email or contact one of your faculty’s learning designers.

Class group sync is not working as expected. What do I do?

Please report it to your faculty learning designer or contact us via

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