Lecture recordings

Lecture recordings

The iLearn system offers online lecture recordings for students. To record and deliver lectures to students through this system, you will be using the Echo360 recording system.

Echo360 uses a lectern microphone to record audio, and if available, video capture technology to record the presentation screen in lecture venues across campus.

The Active Learning Platform allows you to create interactive lecture presentations, including in-class polling, quizzes and Q&A.

Find out more about Echo360 and the Active Learning Platform in the quick guides below


Echo360 automatically records any timetabled lecture or seminar activity as long as the venue has automatic recording capabilities. If the venue has this capability, you will still need to add the Echo block in iLearn to make the recording available to students.

If you repeat lectures each week on any one day, then only the first timetabled lecture will be recorded (usually the day lecture).

If the session you would like recorded is not a timetabled lecture or seminar, then you will need to make an Echo 360 booking.

Active Learning Platform

To enable the Active Learning Platform in your iLearn unit, email your request to ilearn.help@mq.edu.au. Make sure you include your unit code in the email. A link will be added to your iLearn unit from which both you and your students can access the Active Learning Platform.

Delivering a live stream lecture

  • Live streams are scheduled to start and end automatically, starting 3min past the timetabled hour and ending 3minutes to.
  • Use any of the theatre’s supplied microphones.
  • The theatre's projected display will be live streamed. This includes connected laptops or visualisers. If the venue has 2 independent displays, the image on the audience's left side is live streamed only. In Macquarie Theatre, the centre projected image is live streamed.
  • The live stream does not contain video camera footage.
  • Ensure the ‘Recording Pause’ button is not selected on the AV lectern panel during the lecture as this will blank the live stream. The button should appear as pictured here. The button flashes when it is enabled.

Student Discussion Feed

Each live stream is accompanied by a discussion feature which allows students and instructors to ask and answer questions.

  1. To access the discussion, view the live stream by launching the Active Learning Platform link in iLearn, then select the current live stream.
  2. Select the ‘discussion’ icon to open a section which allow you to view, ask, endorse and answer questions.
  3. Students can see and answer each others questions. Students can post anonymously to each other, however the unit lecturers and convenors can always see students' names.

Active Learning Platform Features

  • To encourage engagement amongst in-class and remote students consider making your live streams an interactive presentation.
  • Through the Active Learning Platform you can upload your lecture slides and add in several types of polling, quiz and student response activities.
  • During the lecture students can simultaneously view the live stream and participate in the interactive polling and quiz slides as you ask to complete them. Both you and your students receive instant feedback on each poll/quiz as it is completed.

Support and Further Information

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