Getting started

Getting started

To start using the iLearn system you will need to know how to access, navigate and use the iLearn environment effectively for your teaching practice. There are many different processes that you will need to complete as a Lecturer, or Convenor of an iLearn unit. Find out more about these processes below.

Start of Session Checklist

At the start of each session you need to ensure your unit is set up correctly so it’s ready for the start of session.  The first step is to login to iTeach and create your Unit Guide and activate your iLearn Space.

Learning and Teaching Design Ideas

  • Have you thought about activities that students could do online that would enhance their understanding of the course content?
  • Have you considered how online tools could help students to communicate with each other and collaborate in their learning?
  • Are there any resources that you could provide online which would enhance learning and improve students' access to course content?
  • Given students the opportunity to reflect on their learning?


  • iTeach is where unit guides are created and approved.  Once a unit guide has been created and approved, a link to the online repository is available through your iLearn unit by clicking on ‘Add an activity or resource’ and selecting ‘Unit Guide’.
  • iTeach is where you activate and manage your iLearn space, including how to manage staff and student access and activate your iLearn space for each new study period.

More information: iTeach quick guides


  • Have you included a summary of all Assessments within the unit? It should be exactly the same as the one in your unit guide.
  • Have you checked all submission dates etc.?
  • Have you created your Turnitin assignments? When copying a previous unit offering through iTeach, Turnitin assignments don't copy over so you will need to recreate them in iLearn.

More information: Turnitin quick guides


  • Have you set up your Gradebook to weight activities using categories?
  • Have you added columns for any manual grade items or offline activities?

More information: Gradebook quick guides

Echo360 Active Learning Platform Lecture Recordings

  • Have you made your lecture recordings available to students in iLearn?

More information: Live, interactive and recorded lectures quick guides


  • Have you updated convenor and tutor contact details?
  • Have you placed a welcome message and explained the different roles of teaching staff active in the unit (e.g. tutor, lecturer, convenor)?
  • Use the Announcements activity to communicate with all students in your unit.
  • Consider using the Dialogue activity for private conversations between students and teaching staff.
  • Have you thought of creating a student forum for them to 'socialise' such as student lounge or cafe?
  • Think about using iLearn Insights to easily visualise student activity in Learn and also use the email tool to message students.

More information:

Unit Readings/Copyright

  • Have you submitted your reading list to the Unit Readings team in the library? (Ideally the list you hand over to Unit Readings subdivides the readings by week)
  • Have you checked copyright for images or other electronic media used in the unit?
  • Consider using Leganto?  Leganto is a cloud-based platform that enables unit convenors, students and librarians to collaborate in the creation, management and evaluation of recommended learning resources.
  • Consider using iShare?  iShare is a digital content management repository designed to share resources across the university.  Once an item has been added in iShare it can be used in multiple places in iLearn by simply using the generated URL for the document.

More information:


  • Check that resources/references are correct and up-to-date
  • Remember that the description you provide for any resource or activity you create in iLearn will be displayed in the Resources overview in the Activities block
  • Ensure all PDFs uploaded into your unit are accessible


  • Check that all links are still active

Profile Settings

  • Ensure that you edit and update your profile information (which is central and applies to every unit you are enrolled in) by hovering your mouse over your name in the top right corner of the screen and select Preferences. Click on Edit profile to update your profiles and upload a picture.  Click on Forum preferences to set up your preferences for forum digest notifications and forum tracking.  You may also like to edit your privacy settings.

More information: Profile: managing your personal information and email notifications quick guide


iLearn is the interface to Macquarie University's learning technologies platform. It is made up of several educational technologies mainly built around Moodle, the freely available open source Learning Management System.

To access iLearn:

  1. Log into iLearn
  2. Enter your MQ OneID username and password to login.


If you are experiencing issues with logging in, check if your OneID is active.


My home

When you login to your unit, you will land on my home page which shows your unit list. Navigating back to my home from anywhere in your unit will return you to your unit list. Select the unit you wish to enter by clicking on the unit title.

Navigation block

This menu allows you to move easily within the different components of your unit and also between your unit pages for all of the units in which you are involved.

The navigation icon Navigation3 is found in the top left hand corner of the screen. Click on the Navigation menu so that it appears.

Actions menu

Contains a menu that offers you different options including:

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Edit settings for your course
  3. Gradebook setup
  4. Click More to see all available options.


Switch role to – use this option to switch your role to that of instructor, tutor, student or guest within the unit. Particularly useful when you have made changes in your course and want to see your changes from the perspective of a student.

Click on your name in the top right corner to select Switch role to...


This is a tool within your unit that tracks your path as you navigate through different components of your unit. You can go back to a page you visited using the breadcrumbs hyperlinks. Breadcrumbs appear across the top of the page.

You can also use your browser navigation buttons (back, forward) to navigate within your unit the same way you use them to browse the web.

Page layout

  1. Navigation icon allows you to move easily within the different components of your unit and also between your other units.
  2. Actions menu contains tools for Turn editing on, unit administration and switching role.
  3. Breadcrumbs appear across the top of the page tracking your path as you navigate around your unit. Use the links to return to a page you visited.
  4. Topic 0 is the first week/topic that appears in the list of weeks/topics in your unit.
  5. Announcements to communicate with all students in a unit.
  6. Week/topic divides your unit into sections.
  7. Expand topic button to view or collapse the contents of a week/topic.
  8. Blocks allow you to build your unit by adding different functions and activities.
  9. Help Me and support access.
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