iLearn quick guides for staff

iLearn quick guides for staff

These quick guides will help introduce you to the processes and applications that you will be using in the iLearn system.

Getting started

Learn how to start using the iLearn system, including how to log-in, navigate and edit content on your unit pages.

Unit setup

Constructing a unit page in iLearn includes many different processes. These quick guides will show you how to format your page, how to set up a calendar on iLearn, manage staff and student access as well as how to create online surveys.

Summary of iLearn roles

There are different roles that can be assigned in iLearn. These roles exist in one of three defined contexts: unit, category, and system. Each iLearn role possesses varying grade and type of functionality.


To manage a large number of students effectively you will need to know how to set up and manage groups on iLearn. Here you will learn how to create groups using iLearn, as well as how to assign students, or allow them to enrol themselves.


Learn how to create, edit and add content to your unit page, including how to add text, images, documents, and video, audio clips.

Interactive content

H5P makes it easy to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content, including interactive videos, interactive presentations, quizzes, interactive timelines and more.

Forums and Communication

There are many different applications available in iLearn to ensure that you communicate effectively with students. Through iLearn you can post announcements, set up a real-time discussion using chat, or a private channel for communication, create and edit forums, as well as manage your own personal information.


To use iLearn effectively you will need to know how to create activities for your students to complete.

These activities can include online assignments, journals, peer review tasks, Wiki pages, as well as glossary, database and lesson activities. Use the links below to learn how to implement these activities using the iLearn system.

Turnitin and Feedback Studio

Turnitin is an online application used by Macquarie to check for plagiarism in student assignments. Feedback Studio is where you will go to grade, and provide online feedback for these assignments.

There are many different applications available to you in both Turnitin and Feedback Studio, and it is important that you are familiar with each of them.


To find the grades of all students enrolled in your unit, you need to use Gradebook. Through Gradebook you can view and change grades, as well as sort them into specific categories and totals.


Quizzes can be an effective means of assessment for your unit.

iLearn Insights

iLearn Insights allows teaching staff to easily visualise student activity in iLearn units and also has an email tool to message students.

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