Teaching technologies and tools

Teaching technologies and tools

Find out which learning technology services are available at Macquarie to support your learning and teaching activities.

For information about using the lecterns and
other AV technology on campus:


There are several types of AV technology used in lecture theatres, classrooms and meeting rooms at Macquarie University.

iLearn includes a range of tools to support learning and teaching:


iLearn is Macquarie's learning technology platform. Need iLearn help? Email ilearn.help@mq.edu.au

iLearn Spaces (Moodle)

iLearn spaces (powered by Moodle) provide an online environment to support learning and teaching. Staff and students can use iLearn to engage with unit content and learning activities and for communication, collaboration, assessment and feedback.

iTeach – create unit guides and iLearn spaces

iTeach is Macquarie's online teaching administration system. Unit convenors write and publish their unit guides in iTeach and the guides become available for students on unitguides.mq.edu.au. iTeach is also used to activate iLearn spaces for each study period and to manage student and staff access.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform lecture recordings

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is Macquarie's lecture recording system. Echo captures lectures and allows you to create interactive lecture presentations, including in-class polling, quizzes and Q&A - making them available to students online through iLearn. Staff can also use the Echo Personal Capture tool from their desktop to create simple audio, video and screen capture recordings.

Turnitin and Feedback Studio – online assignment submission and feedback

Turnitin is an online text-matching system that compares assignments to databases of academic publications, websites and other student submissions. Staff can set up Turnitin in their iLearn space for students to submit assignments and to check their work for originality and correct referencing.

Feedback Studio is a tool within Turnitin that facilitates online marking and feedback. Staff can make and save comments for reuse, drag and drop comments, write directly on a paper, create an online rubric and leave an overall comment or even a voice comment. To use Feedback Studio, students must submit their assignment through Turnitin.

iShare digital repository

iShare is Macquarie's digital repository system (based on a product called Equella). It is used to store and manage teaching and learning materials, media and library content. For example, all unit readings are housed in iShare and they can be linked directly to an iLearn space for students to access. Other documents stored in iShare can also be linked to iLearn and be easily edited and shared with colleagues.

Zoom web conferencing

Web conferencing facilitates real-time online communication and collaboration. Zoom is Macquarie's web conferencing tool. Zoom provides video and voice communication, text chat, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing and annotation. Zoom is simple to use and offers a wide variety of opportunities for learning and teaching such as real-time online tutorials, virtual consultations with students or including an external guest speaker in a lecture.

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