Connected people

Connected people

Collaboration is one of our guiding principles. We connect

  • internally — through research and teaching, and
  • externally — with academic, community and corporate partners

to develop and implement sustainable best practices that result in excellent outcomes for students and staff.

Professional development and academic promotion

Higher Education Academy

The Learning Innovation Hub — in partnership with faculties — is in the process of developing an academic professional development framework.

This framework will connect staff participation in curated programming to a kind of micro-credentialing system.

In turn, this micro-credentialing system will enable progression to accreditation through the Higher Education Academy Fellowship Scheme and recognition in terms of academic promotion.

Contact Dr Karina Luzia for further information.

Learning and teaching grant schemes

Designed to support staff in enhancing the quality of teaching and the student experience of learning, grant schemes are open to all academic and professional staff.

Grant attainment builds staff capability in the scholarship and practice of learning and teaching. Successful project implementation is recognised as important professional development.

Learn more about grant schemes and how you can apply.

Learning and teaching awards

These awards recognise, reward and celebrate individual teachers, teams of teachers and professional staff that increase student engagement and student learning outcomes.

With attainment recognised in terms of professional development, both professional and academic staff can apply for faculty awards and Vice-Chancellor awards.

Learn more about awards and how you can apply, or discover some of Macquarie's past winners.


The Learning Innovation Hub (LIH)

The Learning Innovation Hub is made up of two teams:

  • the strategy team, and
  • the learning technologies team

In collaboration with faculty learning and teaching teams, the LIH seek opportunities to promote and expand on innovation and excellence in learning and teaching.

The strategy team focus on driving projects that empower staff and students to become co-creators and leaders.

The technologies team manage and enhance learning technologies and systems that support and enable an integrated digital experience for our learners and teachers.

Discover LIH team members here.

Faculty-based learning and teaching teams

Each faculty has its own learning and teaching team.

Each with varying skill sets and compositions, these teams are embedded at faculty-level to service and respond to both faculty and whole-of-university priorities in learning and teaching. This includes supporting academic staff professional development.

Most teams have a combination of expertise in learning design, videography, academic development, project coordination, and educational media. Associate Deans Learning and Teaching can triage queries to appropriate staff in each faculty.

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