Learning and teaching strategic framework

Our learning and teaching framework places graduate success at the centre, with methods that are designed to foster the skills students will apply beyond the classroom. Cross-disciplinary learning gives them a perspective on the world that, with our support and guidance, will encourage them to realise their ambitions and succeed in tomorrow’s workplaces.

Learning for the future sets a bold course for our learning and teaching – so we aim to seize the full potential of new technologies and changing educational landscapes while always keeping student learning journeys at the heart of everything we do. Our students remain our constant purpose, and this framework will help us provide each one with the greatest possibility for success.

This online presentation of the framework provides a summary reference. Updates on progress against our strategic priorities and links to improved resources and relevant scholarly and sector news and information will be made available throughout each calendar year. Staff and students are encouraged to subscribe to the Macquarie University Teche Learning and Teaching blog for regular new stories and announcements.

The Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching welcomes feedback via pvclt@mq.edu.au

Three key objectives

The University community has developed three key objectives to guide our learning and teaching activities. 

When we combine them, these objectives capture a number of goals that form a connected learning community dedicated to serving its students. 

The objectives span faculties, departments and disciplines, and they highlight unique and valuable ways for every office, department, faculty and portfolio to engage with the University’s educational mission.

  • Connected experiences 

    Together, we're designing connected, creative and innovative learning experiences that will provide students with a more valuable experience and a strong sense of belonging.

  • Connected curriculum

    With our program-driven curriculum, students graduate with disciplinary knowledge, as well as big ideas thinking, transferable skills and relevant real-world experience.

  • Connected people

    Collaboration is one of our guiding principles. We connect with colleagues, academic, community and corporate partners to develop and implement sustainable best practices that result in excellent outcomes for students and staff.

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